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No matter when or where it is set, all the best science fiction is really about the present day William Gibson takes this idea to its logical conclusion and writes about the present day as if it were science fiction.
Gibson seems mostly concerned with how our real technologies are transforming us His main character, Hollis Henry love the strong female characters that are always present in Gibson s work , the lead singer of a defunct band from the 90s, who is now trying to make it as a journalist The start up magazine for which she works has given her an assignment that s really littlethan a cover They hope that as she investigates locative technology in art, she ll also uncover the where abouts of a mysterious cargo container I was disappointed by this book William Gibson, touted as a writer with ideas, handles the conceptual with a surprising lack of deftness In one sense, this book is about name checking pop culture ephemera and devices More attention is given to the description of the insoles of Adidas GSG 9 boots and cesium bullets than actual story development The chapters are anything but, and give the novel the feel of a technologically mediated novela on Univision.
But,on the object oriented aspects of Spook Country The emphasis on locative media, visors, bullets, black coats, shoes, et cetera reads as a combination of Bruce Sterling, John Seabrook, and Naomi Klein Gibson s objects act as part of a post capitalist dingpolitik to borrow Bruno Latour s term One would expect a anti neo liberal spin the media bermogul should be the bad guy, but is the un Is In His Early Twenties Born In Cuba, He Speaks Fluent Russian, Lives In One Room In A NoLita Warehouse, And Does Delicate Jobs Involving Information Transfer Hollis Henry Is An Investigative Journalist, On Assignment From A Magazine Called Node Node Doesn T Exist Yet, Which Is Fine She S Used To That But It Seems To Be Actively Blocking The Kind Of Buzz That Magazines Normally Cultivate Before They Start Up Really Actively Blocking It It S Odd, Even A Little Scary, If Hollis Lets Herself Download Epub Format ✓ Spook Country PDF by é William Gibson Think About It Much Which She Doesn T She Can T Afford To Milgrim Is A Junkie A High End Junkie, Hooked On Prescription Antianxiety Drugs Milgrim Figures He Wouldn T Survive Twenty Four Hours If Brown, The Mystery Man Who Saved Him From A Misunderstanding With His Dealer, Ever Stopped Supplying Those Little Bubble Packs What Exactly Brown Is Up To Milgrim Can T Say, But It Seems To Be Military In Nature At Least, Milgrim S Very Nuanced Russian Would Seem To Be A Big Part Of It, As Would Breaking Into Locked Rooms Bobby Chombo Is A Producer , And An Enigma In His Day Job, Bobby Is A Troubleshooter For Manufacturers Of Military Navigation Equipment He Refuses To Sleep In The Same Place Twice He Meets No One Hollis Henry Has Been Told To Find Him It s a little thin Compulsively readable, nicely plotted, and delightful in its references to places and technologies of the 2006 moment In this, I read it under the right conditions the day it was released, on an LA NY flight It opens on the block in which I used to live I drove past Gray s Papaya in midtown just as his characters had breakfast there But the thing is, the characters just get thinner and thinner It s intentional, I guess He s trying to create new archetypes But it makes the reading a little dull The characters may interact if superficially but they don t relate at all I think the central character s detachment is supposed to be a virtue, and make her a disinterested carrier of the story Yet in general, the characters are so static that the action of the book seems in some ways inconsequ Although this was generally an interesting read, for me it had some fundamental problems 1 For the first 50 pages I found myself daydreaming and constantly having to reread bits 2 The contemporary technology in this book is going to soon date itself I don t know if Gibson considers this scifi, but the issues at hand and the technology already feel a little dated Though as a result, I suppose it may appeal to a wider audience than other scifi or technical mysteries 3 It was truly anticlimactic for me A lot is revealed at the very end about the intent of the anti heroes in this novel, but I didn t much care by that point and in the end, really not much happened with it all On apositive note, the writing was engaging enough to keep me going a This has to be the least thrilling thriller I ve ever read I never felt like there were any serious stakes for any of our three protagonists unless it was during the incessant tooth brushing scenes Indeed, all the major characters in Spook Country have impeccable oral hygiene, but I digress Hollis Henry, former lead singer of The Curfew turned journalist for Node, finds herself embroiled in a mystery care of Hubertus Bigend and Blue Ant that jumps from L.
A to Vancouver She s on the trail of a D.
J for locative artists and the ghostly container he s tracking She winds up deep, deep in the mystery, actually taking part in the denouement, but the only threat she faces is the possibility that she ll become irradiated with some Cisium, but that s okay, she s decked out in an X ray apron, and she s sure to be fine.
David Milgrim, a sort of anti tweeker who speaks Russian and tra Ø Spook Country Þ I ve been reading William Gibson for a few years now, well after The Movement came and went and the world adopted and forgot the term cyberspace I wish I had been around to feel the freshness of that way of visualizing data, but it s a sad fact that I m young enough to simply take that for granted Possibly, kids who grew up around Cape Canaveral have the same take on Heinlein.
At any rate, Spook Country isn t a novel of the near future, but the here and now, and, honestly, it s everything I dislike about Gibson with little of the rockstar attitude that made his science fiction sing Gibson obsesses about details Nobody carries a purse they ve got a Prada handbag with Brahman cow leather and an ornate copper filigree This can get dull in any of Gibson s novels, but gen

I struggled to find a reason to give this 3 stars and I couldn t Because the first book in the series, Pattern Recognition, was okay, and I gave it 3 stars, and this book just did nothing for me Usually 2 stars means I actively disliked or was annoyed by a book as opposed to 1 star, which means I hate it with the passion of a thousand burning suns , but Spook Country just bored me.
Part of the problem was that it s a multi POV book with short chapters switching between a very different cast of characters There s Tito, the Russian speaking Cuban American who s a member of some sort of espionage crime family, who practices a blend of Russian systema and Santeria There s Milgram, the drug addicted Russian interpreter who s the semi hostage sidekick to a shady quasi government operative named Brown There s Hollis, a former band m I finished reading William Gibson s newest novel, Spook Country, a few days ago and have been trying to figure out how I feel about it It is one of the few books I have eagerly scooped up in hardcover, I loved his Pattern Recognition so much The promise of another book set in what can only be called the extreme contemporary moment was too much for me to pass up or wait for paperback to experience.
Unfortunately, Spook Country does not rise to the level of its predecessor The main problem, in my view, is that there is a lack of harmony between its plot and its people In Pattern Recognition, the quest to find the maker of the footage was intimately tied to the nature and capabilities of the novel s protagonist, Cayce Pollard, and to the existential situation of our moment, which Quite possibly my favourite Gibson Quite possibly a modern classic Quite possibly the best book you ll read this year The Blue Ant sequence is excellent and elegantly concludes in Zero History, but this is the one I come back to Masterful prose, gripping narrative, weird and fascinating characters.

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