¶ Twentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice ☆ Download by æ Vincent Persichetti

As a amateur Composer myself I find modern compositional techniques to be a mess Writing music that no one listens to, contrary to the current contemporary approach of dumbing down and endless copy and paste hooks and refrains This book explains quite thoroughly modern harmony of a variety of composers eg Schoenberg, Prokofiev, Hindemith,etc The technicalities are coherent and engaging enough for a post theory grade 8 student and I highly recommend it to musicians who are well versed in Schenkerian analysis and Gradus Ad Parnassum study of counterpoint I started reading this book primarily because of my curiosity in prokofiev s compositional approach, and whether it was possible to have a tangible explanation for his sound Because general music theory abrsm doesn t go into depth on 20th century music sa Lots of stuff to absorb Now, onto the exercises.
This is the only book of which I m aware about 20th century compositional technique that explains its subject in a clear and concise way Subjects such as quartal harmony which usually receive passing mention if that are given thorough exposition.
The last few chapters seem perfunctory, addressing the usual tacked on subjects of pedal points, suspensions, chromatic alterations, etc and can really be skimmed for a few insights It is, however, in need of a new edition with accompanying audio It s a sin to make readers go searching for an Alban Berg piano reduction 60 years out of print to have a gander at page 27 with all of the tools available today.
In a simple, concise manner, Persichetti lays out the most characteristic elements of the harmonic practice of a really interesting era His language is very descriptive and his organization walks you through the microscopic and precise use of intervals and their sonorous characters, up to complex harmonic configurations such as atonalty, pandiatonalism and polytonality.
This book is very comfortable to read It combines musical illustrations with simple explanations of the elements illustrated I enjoyed reading it very much Five stars.
For The First Time Is An Orderly Presentation Of The Harmonic Procedures To Be Found In Music Of The First Half Of The Twentieth Century The Author Examines The Nature Of Intervals In Various Contexts, Discusses The Modes And Other Scales Employed In Modern Music, Describes The Formation And Uses Of Chords By Thirds, By Fourths, And By Seconds, Of Added Note Chords And Polychords He Deals With Different Types Of ¶ Twentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice ☆ Download by æ Vincent Persichetti Harmonic Motion, With Harmonic Rhythm And Dynamic Sand Ornamentation, With Harmonic Behavior In Tonality, Polytonality, Atonality And Serial Composition

fantastic use as a guide when exploring harmony È Twentieth-Century Harmony: Creative Aspects and Practice Ù I worked through a lot of this book in music school It s the kind of book that one needs to spend time with and revisit now and then I have it on my re read list, for sure.
Great book.

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