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I really love A Fire Upon the Deep, and I feel like I keep waiting for Vinge to recreate that, in some form and it keeps not happening.
I felt like Rainbows End aimed at being a near future cyber thriller a la William Gibson but the thrilling part was missing.
There s a conspiracy to infect the world with some sort of suggestion susceptibility, which its proponents see as the only way to save the world There s another group of NSA types trying to stop the plan, but they don t really know what the plan is There may be some overlap between the two sides Meanwhile, there s a program in place to send rejuvenated old folks to high school to learn new skills which are supposed to help them re integrate as productive members of society.
And there s a big plan to destructively digitize the libraries of the worldThere are a lot Geschmackssache Eine Art Cyberpunk Thriller, der deutlich zu lang geworden ist Freunde des Genres werden aber sicher Freude an der Lekt re haben Genau Noch schlimmer, man br chte daf r Mut Und das ist das Problem mit den Leuten von heute Sie haben Freiheit gegen Sicherheit eingetauscht S 178 I ll start off with something positive to say about Rainbows End The best things about this novel are the ideas about technology and what the world could look like in an evennetworked future where information is the form of currency However, this isn t a new idea at all, here s a quote from Gravity s Rainbow regarding information, A tragic sigh Information What s wrong with dope and women Is it a wonder the world s gone insane, with information come to be the only real medium of exchange So, while there are these great ideas in the novel, they re not always the most original.
Now, let s talk about the writing It was terrible The language was dull and workman like I m sure there are people who will say, but this is science fiction, what do you expect And to those people, I say that s no excuse A good novel should have good writing, it can be held together by concept alone I Nowadays, Grand Terror technology was so cheap that cults and small criminal gangs could acquire it Don t panic just yet, the above quote refers to nowadays in the narrative, not the actual nowadays, though I suppose that could also be a possibility Near future sf is not something I get to read often, it makes a change from the standard far future setting of most sf, no galaxy spanning human empire, usually no aliens, and never time travel The setting is mostly recognizable as an environment that has logically developed from today, the places, the people and some objects are still mostly the same According to Wikipedia Rainbows End is set in 2025 However, the year is not mentioned anywhere in the book so I will have to take it on faith That makes the setting on seven years from now, but the novel was published in 2006, so Vernor Vinge was writing I loved Gibson s Neuromancer and I liked Stephenson sSnow Crash , and this is basically the same thing for the current generation except it leans a littletowards the techno thriller side, like Michael Crichton if he were actually a good writer and knewabout his subject than what he d just dug up via research Vinge is a mathematician and computer scientist, so his vision of 2025 rings a helluva lottrue than many others The major drawbacks to this book are a lopsided plot the kind that starts off big and then the author seems to realize they ve bitten offthan they can chew and broadly drawn characters though he earns back major points for the fact that only two of them are white, and none of the major characters are Those are literary complaints from a SF worldbuilding POV it s entirely satisfactory.
Robert Gu, genius poet, wakes up from a decade of Alzheimer s to find himself resto

Although I did not love this book as much as his Zones of Thought space operas, Vernor Vinge has yet to disappoint me Rainbows End is not really a cyberpunk novel, but post cyberpunk It takes place in a world that looks a lot like ours, if you just extrapolate out the technology Almost everyone is wired, you can carry petabytes in your pocket the sum total of all recorded human media on the equivalent of a USB drive , the world is globally connected in ways we still are dreaming about but have not yet achieved, and sensory overlays can turn the physical world into anything its owners or visitors wish to visualize.
Vinge drops lots of recognizable brands and technology Google is still around So is the University of California at San Di Ê Rainbows End  I m a fan of Vinge s work, and I ve had to wrestle a little with the idea that my dislike for this book might just be the result of it being different from the other things he s done On balance, I don t think that this is the case This is a book with serious flaws in both credibility and storytelling On the credibility side, Vinge creates horrific inconsistencies in his visions of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented human interaction which he doesn t even try to paper over Ultimately, we re left with a world where everybody behaves in outlandish and dangerous ways out of something like inertia, with technological threats that the author doesn t seem willing or able to explain The initial prom The one where a Rip van Winkle figure is cured of Alzheimer s and has to figure out how to live in the future, and apparently gets involved in some sort of plot involving mind control technology.
I gave it fifty pages, and every single one was an effort This book has tons of ideas, large and small As a portrait of the niftiness and danger of the future, I suppose it s reasonably good, though it s rather slow and didactic compared with the pleasant breathless hurtle of cyberpunk my usual dangerous nifty future source As fiction, it doesn t work for me because the characterization is so perfunctory The dialog is stilted and implausible, and all the voices sound the same And there s a weird disconnect from the emotions, which are described and analyzed from a distance Maybe I would have warmed to Gu if I d given himtime, but it s hard A Review Wherein I Postulate The End of Humanity but first the boring stuff Ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas Writing, characterization, plot, and dialogue Basically, the plot focus is all wrong It s incredibly domestic If plots were pokemon, this one would involve a Magikarp and a Gyrados and focus on the Magikarp.
I mean dang, look at that BAMF.
Basically, Robert Gu, an old poet with Alzheimer s, has his youth and mind restored by medical science Unfortunately, his poetical genius is lost somewhere in the restoration and his attempts to get it back embroil him a larger plot involving Mind Control and international intelligence Alas, thisinteresting plot tends to play second fiddle to the family drama Robert experiences with his son, daughter in law and, in particular, his granddaughter It s never compelling As a traditional story i.
e a c Gu Is A Recovering Alzheimer S Patient The World That He Remembers Was Much As We Know It Today Now, As He Regains His Faculties Through A Cure Developed During The Years Of His Near Fatal Decline, He Discovers That The World Has Changed And So Has His Place In It He Was A World Renowned Poet Now He Is Seventy Five Years Old, Though By A Medical Miracle He Looks Much Younger, And He S Starting Over, Trailer â Rainbows End PDF by ☆ Vernor Vinge For The First Time Unsure Of His Poetic Gifts Living With His Son S Family, He Has No Choice But To Learn How To Cope With A New Information Age In Which The Virtual And The Real Are A Seamless Continuum, Layers Of Reality Built On Digital Views Seen By A Single Person Or Millions, Depending On Your Choice But The Consensus Reality Of The Digital World Is Available Only If, Like His Thirteen Year Old Granddaughter Miri, You Know How To Wear Your Wireless Access Through Nodes Designed Into Smart Clothes And To See The Digital Context Through Smart Contact Lenses With Knowledge Comes Risk When Robert Begins To Re Train At Fairmont High, Learning With Other Older People What Is Second Nature To Miri And Other Teens At School, He Unwittingly Becomes Part Of A Wide Ranging Conspiracy To Use Technology As A Tool For World Domination In A World Where Every Computer Chip Has Homeland Security Built In, This Conspiracy Is Something That Baffles Even The Most Sophisticated Security Analysts, Including Robert S Son And Daughter In Law, Two Top People In The US Military And Even Miri, In Her Attempts To Protect Her Grandfather, May Be Entangled In The Plot As Robert Becomes Deeply Involved In Conspiracy, He Is Shocked To Learn Of A Radical Change Planned For The UCSD Geisel Library All The books There, And Worldwide, Would Cease To Physically Exist He And His Fellow Re Trainees Feel Compelled To Join Protests Against The Change With Forces Around The World Converging On San Diego, Both The Conspiracy And The Protest Climax In A Spectacular Moment As Unique And Satisfying As It Is Unexpected

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