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I was a lucky winner on Goodreads I really enjoyed this book very much Getting an inside history lesson of the Vietnam war from someone that experienced it first hand Was very well written and put you right there with the characters and all they felt and went through on both sides of this war that took so many lives and caused so much suffering Thank you I highly recommend this book.
READERS ARE SAYING It Is A Wonderful, And Very Well Written Book I Really Recommend For Everybody To read This Book I Am Not A Person Who Like To Read, But This Book Is Really Interesting And It Is Real Story Thank You So Much And I Am Waiting For books One Of The Best books I Ve Ever read If You Really Enjoy In Depth And Visual War Stories, This Is The [ Pdf The Eagle And The Tiger ✓ harlequin-medical-romance PDF ] by Tim Davis ☆ Book For You It S Very Detailed And Makes You Feel Like You Re Actually In Vietnam Throughout The Whole Thing Once I Received This Book I Could NOT Put It Down I Will Definitely Be Buying books From This Author As They Come Out Great Job, Tim Keep It Up, Bud The Eagle And The Tiger Is A Compelling, Powerful Novel About The Brutal, Sometimes Compassionate Relationships Between Our Own American Soldiers In Vietnam, As Well As Their Enemy, The Vietcong The Storytelling Is So Vivid That I Felt I Was In The Jungle Marching With The Grunts Or In Heat Of Battle With Bullets Whizzing By My Ears The Political Statements Are Both Justified And Sometimes Shocking As They Comment On The Government, As Well As Our Military Forces I Especially Liked The Way The Book Smoothly Transitions Between The Relationships Of Americans Soldiers And The Vietcong, Telling Us Both Sides Of The Story I Highly Recommend The Eagle And The Tiger, Especially For Our Younger Generation So They Can Form A Better Understanding Of The Vietnam War Bill Fleming S First Day With The Rd Airborne Division In Vietnam Was A Memorable One Fleming Had Once Been A Promising Pitcher For The White Sox, But He Decided That Serving His Country Was Important Than His Love Of Baseball Joining The Army For A Four Year Enlistment, It Started Out As Smooth Sailing However, His Time Overseas In The War Proved To Be The Kind Of Experience That Defined A Generation Fleming Came To Hate The War, Yet Was Entrapped In The InsanityAnd In This Insanity, Lives Were Lost And Dreams Died STILL NOT SURE Here Are Some Reviews From Readers Like You I M Not Usually A Fan Of In Depth War Fiction, But I M So Glad I read The Eagle And The Tiger By Tim Davis There Is No Doubt That The War In Vietnam Was Full Of Horrors, And Davis Does Not Shy Away From That, Making For A Gritty, Brutal read But He Also Brilliantly Portrays The Human Side Of War, Describing The Solid Relationships That Developed Within Units Of The US Army, As Well As Between The Child Soldiers Of The Viet Cong It S Hard To Remember That Soldiers Are Human Beings, Too, With Hopes And Dreams That Once Seemed Possible, Before Being Dropped Into A War They Didn T Properly Understand I Highly Recommend This Book It Was Powerful, Exciting, And Moving, Too I Can T Wait To read From Tim Davis Wow, A Graphic Depiction Of The War In Vietnam If You Have Any Doubt About Man S Inhumanity To Man, The Pages Here Will Awaken You To The Real World You Live In And Your Own Moral Dilemmas And Truths Who Would You Have Become In These Circumstances I Found Tim Davis Book Fascinating And Very Engrossing The Characters Were Very Well Developed And He Was Able To Show Both Sides Of The Conflict In A Way That Engages The Reader I Would Recommend This Book Highly I received this book as a First Reads Giveaway winner Next disclaimer I really wanted to like this book Soldiers from Vietnam hold a special place in my heart My father was killed in Vietnam so I am always looking for things to read to learn I have no memories of him since I was too young when he died Unlike one of the characters in this book, my father was an Infantry officer who was in the field with his men He put the safety of his men first, which is what he was doing when he was KIA I have that from soldiers he was with in the field.
All that being said, I couldn t like this book The biggest problem I had was the spelling, grammar and mechanics of this book The spelling was atrocious sware for swear, for example, and than once Not sure how some of them got past spell check Punctuation was incorrectly used or not used when needed Spacing issues caused me to have to read things tha One of the better Vietnam booksThe book grew on you as you read it An interesting combination of storyline and political commentary Horrific battlefield detail.
The Eagle And The Tiger ✓ Another Vietnam storyNot really a very good , tried to make sense out both sides of a war that we should have been involved in the first place The author seems to be equally mixed up.

A Great Reality LessonIf you want to know what the Vietnam War truly like, this is the book for you Hopefully, the Army is better now.
A must read for anyone interested in war I loved how effortlessly Mr Davis brought us to fighting on the frontline it is an embattled The Sympathizer The reasoning that all people must adopt to kill in war shrouded in a fight for common purpose, the brutality of individual survival.

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