Trailer à Stars So Sweet (All Four Stars, #3) PDF by ✓ Tara Dairman

I was disappointed with this conclusion to the series I guess maybe only Indiana Jones is best in the third installment While most of the book was enjoyable enough, a few things stuck with me after finishing.
For me, far too much focus on romantic relationships for a book starring 12 year olds.
Secondly, and most importantly, the consequences of the MC keeping a HUGE secret from her parents for months were very mild and glib and those other adults keeping her secret I don t knowit made me feel uncomfortable I want my kids to know that they can tell me anything, and I d hope the other adults in their life would never encourage them to keep serious secrets And I admit I m really tired of authors giving into stereotypes a As with the other entries in the series, I m rounding up a half star from my true opinion I do think there s a lot of appeal and good values in these for kids I found them to be repetitious wordy and am glad I m done And I did have to keep telling myself suspend disbelief read it like a fairy tale Very glad of the satisfying ending to the trilogy But there were random problems, too Too much romance, imo, for 12 yo seventh graders A random snarky comment about Rolanda learning a lot about Shakespeare only because she joined Drama Club but wait, isn t that how it s supposed to work Gladys complaining because she only has three good friends bothered me, too.
I won t read on if Dairman decides to keep going, unless she completely changes the pov to th Joan Bauer Meets Ruth Reichl In This Charming Middle Grade Foodie Series As The Summer Winds Down And Gladys Gatsby Prepares To Start Middle School, She Is Nervous About Juggling Schoolwork And Looming Deadlines From Her Secret Job As The New York Standard S Youngest Restaurant Critic When Her Editor Pushes For A Face To Face Meeting To Discuss Opportunities With The Paper, Gladys Knows She Must Finally Come Clean To Her Parents But Her Perfectly Planned Reveal Is Put On Hold When Trailer à Stars So Sweet (All Four Stars, #3) PDF by ✓ Tara Dairman Her Parents Arrive Home With A Surprise Her Aunt Lydia, One Of The Only Adults Who Knows Her Secret, Fresh Off The Plane From Paris Gladys And Aunt Lydia Try One Last Ruse To Fool Her Editor At The Standard, But Even With Her Aunt S Help, Gladys Just Can T Manage The Drama Of Middle School And A Secret Life It S Time For Gladys To Be True To Herself And Honest With Her Friends And Family, Regardless Of What Those Around Her Think Liked book very much overall Did not like twist taken by one character at end.
What I Loved Gladys s passion for cooking and all things foodie is front and center in the narrative, as it has been in the last two books Her diverse group of friends and their differing personalities and quirks are part of the action as welll you ll find appearances by Parm, Charissa, and Sandy I assure you you ll definitely be laughing throughout the book, just as you probably were with the first two The story features different cuisines and ingredients some readers may have never heard of before Whether Gladys is browsing Mr Eng s specialty food shop or creating Salvadoran pancakes, she is sure to introduce readers to something new in the culinary world At one point Gladys, Aunt Lydia, and Charissa attend a foodi decided to go through the reviews before starting it and most of the 1 2 star ones are homophobic af going to report all of them but goodreads doesn t really take any action about this stuff have previous experience with this.
µ Stars So Sweet (All Four Stars, #3) µ Pretty big changes Lots of truth telling My favorite was when Gladys gets to confer with her 6th grade teacher again I m rather upset with the author s choice to make one character gay They re in 7th grade and this comes way out of the blue.
Did you find this review helpful Findof my reviews at Pop Goes The Reader She was trying to help her friends see the bright side but at the same time, the pit of worry that had entered her stomach in the schoolyard now felt like it was sprouting into a full grown tree of anxiety Two classes with Charissa and none with Parm left a whole lot of classes with zero friends Her parents would surely advise her to make new ones, but Gladys would rather tackle a hundred difficult new recipes than force herself to talk to one new person.
Goodbye, East Dumpsford Elementary Hello, Dumpsford Township Middle School As summer comes to a close and culinary wunderkind Gladys Gatsby prepares for the first day of seventh grade,

Creatively written and in great step with the previous 2 books of the series Still fun to read I still love the foodie aspect original idea compared to other MG books Disappointed with the slight twist of 1 character at the end the detail was unnecessary and a book spoiler, especially when this series started outdelightful than other MG books.
Another wonderful, funny, heartwarming book in this fantastic series I loved following our lovable heroine Gladys on her foodie adventures this time, as she navigates middle school I feel so much fondness for the characters, both familiar and new, and I loved seeing them grow and change and rise to meet life s challenges My favorite part about this latest book is the French influence French food, French club, cool Francophile aunt So much mouth watering fun

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