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NopeI wanted to read this book for so long I ended up buying the paperback from BN.
I should have saved my money I hung in there for a few chapters, then ended up skimming through The villain behind the beating is discovered almost at the end of the story I don t like the back and forth insults The hero calls the heroine a transvestite because she beat him in a race The heroine calls the hero an ape The hero is not heroic, he is a bully that shouts, yells and hits when he is angry He decides, as a way to get even He is going to make the heroine fall in love with him and then dump her at the altar Dead rats under pillows, broken china sheperdesses, newts in bed, mixed up marriage proposals and carrots covered in pepper then flamb d with brandy are all included in this story No thanks, ONE LINE SUMMARY Absolutely wonderful tribute to Georgette Heyer every single character is superb and the dialogue is sparkling.
Wayborn Did Not Hesitate To Avenge Her Brother S Beating In A London Alley, Especially Once She Discovered The Perpetrator Was The Notorious Geoffrey Swale When Opportunity Arose, She Got Even But Humiliating Swale In Public Is A Sin For Which There Is No Forgiveness For Swale Is The Sort Of Gentleman And She Uses That Term Loosely Who Doesn T Like To Lose, A Man Who Coldly Vows To Challenge Her Every Move In Ü read ç Simply Scandalous by Tamara Lejeune Þ Her Determination To Ruin Him A Man Who Is Proving Dangerously, Unthinkablyseductive Geoffrey Swale Will Not Stand For Being Bested By The Outrageous Miss Wayborn, Nor Accused Of A Crime He Did Not Commit If Juliet Were A Man, Swale Would Deliver A Well Aimed Punchor Two But Since She Is Quite Unmistakably Female, He Does The Next Best Thing He Kisses Her And Then He Kisses Her Again Suddenly, Swale Wants So Much Than Defeat From The Woman Who Has Openly Declared War On Him He No Longer Cares About Winninghe Simply Wants Her Surrender I really enjoyed this book It is very silly, and loses its way somewhat in the second half, but the writing style is very witty, and the hero and heroine are unusual, to say the least It made for a nice refreshing change from most of the Regency romances out there.
The hero, bless him, is essentially an anti hero very large, with a mass of sticky outy red hair, copious sideburns, a hearty appetite for cheese and an absolutely filthy temper I m not talking dark and brooding, oh no I m talking irrational, out of proportion blind rage, which makes his, already unattractive face, blotchy My only criticism is that his filthy temper seems to disappear in the second half, which was a real shame.
The heroine, meanwhile, is a superb match for him Smart, witty, and a good driver, she does some things which don t sound daft at Ý Simply Scandalous Û 2 stars The plot based on mixups did not entertain me But there was an amusing battle of wits.
STORY BRIEF Cary is attacked the night before a curricle race with Geoffrey Thugs broke his arm and said they were sent by Geoffrey Cary s sister Juliet dresses in her brother s clothes and runs the race in his place This is a disgraceful activity for a lady and causes scandal.
The main characters are Juliet and Geoffrey The main question is who will they marry WHAT I LIKED The characters Juliet is handsome, not pretty She considers herself plain She is excellent with horses Geoffrey has long bright red hair, and a short pug nose He s not good looking He s an undisciplined brawler with a fiery temper He is usually found with a scowl on his face.
My favorite part was Geoffrey s father the Duke wanting Geoffrey to marry Juliet for her nose She had a straight, narrow, elegant nose The Duke s Lord Swole its actually Swale , but hey , thou art the original Broski You smell of cheese, have bangin sideburns, punch everybody and their friend in the face, and probably deadlift your horse.
You also married the girl who beat you in a race, didn t like her brother talking down to her, don t sit with people who gossip or mince words, and you love your sister.
Thou hast ascended.
lolz this one made me laugh out loud LITERALLY.
The characters were simply humorous the hero is giant not so handsome , and to add on that he has Wild Temper BUt underneath that he is such a sweet person , so innocent , he really does tries so much to win the lady s heartThe girl is wild tigeress herself , just a perfect match for our hero.
The silly mystery also adds up, with the greater confusion chaos increasing, I am falling down with my hysterical laughter Gosh , I dnt remember how much did any book made me laugh this much.
This was cute in very non traditional way The hero wasn t obvious, at first and then when we figured out, we were completely surprised to find he wasn t a typical hottie not even close It was a fun romp, but not my fav of Ms Lejuene.

I read this book on the recommendation of one of my friends, Ridley I had been telling her of my love for Vere from The Last Hellion, and she said I just had to try this I m so glad I did The book started out a little slow for me I didn t really get absorbed into the story until Juliet and Lord Swale or Ginger, as I can t help but think of him have some heavy page time together From that point on I was hooked.
I can t think of another hero I ve read that s quite like Swale The comparison to Vere that I mentioned above is accurate, but only to a point Where Vere is obstinate and acts thick on purpose, Swale really is He s not dumb by any means, but the man does not get subtlety and anything he doesn t have an interest in isn t worth caring about Shakespeare, I m referring to you The biggest similarity between the two books is the witty sparring that the protagonists engage in T I bought this book entirely on a whim I needed like 2 to get free shipping and tossed this 3.
99 book in with an Eh, why not Best Whim Evar.
The book opens with Juliet Wayborn s brother getting the ever living snot beat out of him on the eve of a carriage race with Geoffrey Swale Under the impression Lord Swale ordered the hit on her brother so he d win the race, Juliet dons a man s hat and coat and races Swale herself Embarrassed by losing to a woman and further scandalized by the spreading rumor that he paid to have Cary Wayborn attacked, Geoffrey finds himself in hot water with his duke father The duke decides it s in the family s best interests that Geoffrey marry the very Miss Wayborn he finds so ridiculous Thus begins an amusing battle of wits betw

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