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Brown S Bestselling Novel, Angels Demons, Has Become An International Success To Rival His Blockbuster The Da Vinci Code And This Invaluable A To Z Resource Will Help Those Fans Unlock Its Many MysteriesMillions Of Readers Have Avidly Pored Through Dan Brown S Angels Demons, Where They Encountered A World Filled With Ancient Christian Symbolism, Secret Societies, And Pagan Signs But At The End, They Were Left Wondering What Was True And What False All Those Looking For The Real Story Behind The Legend Of The [Simon Cox] ð Illuminating Angels & Demons: The Unauthorized Guide to the Facts Behind Dan Brown's Bestselling Novel [international-development PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Illuminati Will Find The Answers In This Enlightening Guide Written By Simon Cox, Author Of Cracking The Da Vinci Code And A Well Known Lecturer Described By The BBC As A Historian Of The Obscure, It Offers A Treasure Trove Of Fascinating Facts And Revelations The Hundreds Of Entries Include Gailileo, The Papal Conclave, Gianlorenzo Bernini, The New World Order, Obelisks, Knights Templar, The Freemasons, Lucifer, And Much I liked this book It provides a lot of additional facts about things in the novel The author is a reasonable person he does point out few mistakes in the novel but this is not the point of the book It is about giving additional information to people interested to find outabout subject matter in the novel.
I glanced at this book out of curiosity I read Dan Brown s book Angels and Demons this book has some interesting pointers explaining in detail some of landmarks that appear in the book and that might be of interest for those doing research The Chigi Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria Del Popolo was refurbished bu Bernini commissioned by Pope Alexander VII The fountain of the four rivers in the Piazza Novona was created in 1640 by Pope Inocent X He came from the wealthy famil y of Pamphili whose impressive palace occupies one whole side of the square of the Piazza The fountain work was done by students supervised by Bernini and i represents the four rivers of the world Danube, Ganges, Nile, Rio de la Plata I found interesting the explanation of the symbolism of the dollar bill The explanation of the p It was okay.
Didn t learn anything I didn t already know, but the information was well presented and well balanced.
Very basic read Much of the information was already very familiar Also, extremely odd how the author referred to the character as making mistakes in history, translation, historical placement and reference, as opposed to the author, Dan Brown Okay if you are not familiar with the material of Dan Brown s books skip if you are.
I picked this book up for a casual read because I had previously read Angels and Demons and wanted to see if the author had anything interesting to say While I didn t hate the book, it also was not one that I loved Rather than a prose text that debates certain aspects of Dan Brown s novel, it readslike a glossary that would actually behelpful when reading Brown s book for the first time The book was a little boring at times, but its chapters were thorough and informative.
Illuminating Angels & Demons: The Unauthorized Guide to the Facts Behind Dan Brown's Bestselling Novel » Frankly, disappointing The format of the segments of the book was terribly disorganized Cox jumped from topic to topic without any logic whatsoever In addition, the facts were only sub par and seemed poorly researched.
I really had high hopes for this little book, but now I understand why it was only 3 Even the most avid fans of Angels Demons won t enjoy this little companion.
A bit weird but some pretty cool info in it that is factual.
A croire o ne pas croire, Simon Cox nous donne toutes les d finitions relatives au livre Lu ou non lu, on comprend toutes les cl s du livre Anges et D mons mais bien plus encore Les l gendes de l Assassin, des Templiers, de la Franc Ma onnerie et des Illuminati, les conseils, complots et r unions de grands chefs d tats aupr s d organisations cach es sont expliqu es, de leur origine r elle en parlant de leur l gende, en prenant en compte th ories vraies et th ories fanatiques Ainsi, on fonde son propre avis sur des l gendes ou des r alit s historiques, ce qui rend le livre passionnant Un peu d sot risme, un peu de l gendes apocalyptiques, de la mythologie, qu elle soit Egyptienne ou Gr co romaine, en passant par l histoire de l Italie, tout est racont On sait ce qu est un Ambigrame et ce qu est l Antimati re, on connait la d finition d Apocryphe, ces livres qui ont t retir Short book but some interesting facts Because I ve read the original book some time ago, it was also nice to relive some moments.

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