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4 Killer Stars What a killer surprise I m shocked that this is from a debut author This book was full of action with a side of kick ass heroine 4 filthy starsI certainly enjoyed this book It was very well written, and fast paced The characters Zel and Asher were freaking awesome And I have to say, so far, Zel is the most badass chick I ve ever read I was completely sold when she put a cockroach in Connie s sandwich I mean seriously, that girl has the balls to accept it to Connie in her face Both Ash and Zel were attracted to each other, and for reasons, Zel chose not to kill him Oh yeah, she was a contract assassin.
The story was very intriguing, and the secrets were killing me So many variables Mia, Alex, Roan, and at the top Zel and Asher Wildly erotic, and dirty dirty dirty.
Just can t wait to dig into AshShe s like a rose with thorns She s beautiful and nice to look at, but if you try and pick her she ll cut you Eventually you ll bleed Is Not Your Typical Love StoryAsher Stalked Her Because There Was Something About Her That Was Undeniable, She S A Mystery And He S Drawn To Her Like Nothing Else, But Nothing Could Prepare Him For What He FoundZel Makes People S Problems Go Away She S Cynical, Aggressive And Has No Regard For Human Life, But When Asher Crosses Her Path He Becomes A Problem She Couldn T Possibly Make Go Away As Easy As The OthersAsher Finds Himself In Way Too [ Pdf Zel (Deviants & Saints, #1) ✓ maritime PDF ] by Shantaye Brown ☆ Deep When The Lives Of Everyone He Loves Is Threatened And He Has To Play The Willing Captive To Keep Them Safe Zel Has Her Own Problems, Someone Wants Her Dead And They Re Not Shy About It They Both Won T Be Safe Until She Gets To Them FirstSecrets Unfold, Lies Are Told And Sacrifices Are Made Consequences Be DamnedWarning Extreme Violence, Graphic Sex, Filthy Jamaican Language And An Overly Aggressive And Possessive Heroine This is a debut I opened this book believing I would love it and I m happy to see I was definitely right in my prediction Action, grit, violence, and some scorching hot scenes,Zel earns a five star rating from me Zel thrusts us into each of the main character s lives and we get to learn about each one of them personally along with some background information but not too much since a lot is slowly revealed throughout the story I thought the pacing of this book was PHENOMENAL there wasn t a plateau nor a spot where the book leveled off nope This one had me on the edge of my seat the entire ride I know every crease and crevice of the unforgivable path I chose and I should be scared shitless but I can t be Zel is a Jamaican beauty, a contract killer, and one feisty b tch She holds A LOT of secrets and doesn t let ANYONE get under her skin Ashe I was given an Advanced Readers Copy for my honest review You never knowwhen you begin to read a book by a new author, where it s going to take you If it s going to be goodThis book is SO good When the blurb says this is not your typical love story know that this is not your typical love story We are used to reading about the alpha males and their needs on having control in relationships as well as in the business world.
Zelis definitely an alpha female She does NOT fuck around She is a tough, self sufficient, woman Total badass Then she meets Asher.
Ashertotal athlete Player HOT as HELL A great fuckthe ladies love him Once he s had you, he s done No commitments He has no desires for that Until he sees Zelsomething about her makes him want to see if there I was given an ARC of this book by the author in return for my honest review.
That s definitely NOT your typical love story I love the characters that Shantaye created Zelina is a mysterious, ruthless, sexy half Jamaican assassin, a wildcat Asher is a hot college student and track star obsessed with Zel Zel is a bad ass, alpha female heroine that tests your sanity Sometimes hot as hell and some other times cold as ice I was kept nose deep in this book from beginning to end She s like a rose with thorns She s beautiful and nice to look at, but if you try and pick her she ll cut you Eventually you ll bleed Zel is one heck of a hot, explosive book and keep you reading until the very last page It is well written an ï Zel (Deviants & Saints, #1) ✓ Given ARC in exchange for an honest review I don t even know where to start with this one Being Shantaye s debut book, she knocked this one out of the ball park and left me wantingIt s very hard to believe that this is her first book I m like, where have you been all my lift Zel is not your normal female character She s the most alpha female I ve ever had the privelage to meet It was such a nice change from all the other books I ve been reading where the female is a victim or ran by the man Then you have Asher Can I just say, he s hot and the perfect match for Zel in this At first I wasn t sure I was going to like him He s over the top cocky but after reading, I d say he has a reason to be But Zel threw him for a loop too so that helped The plot has many twist and I really didn t know where it was going to go I can t say how much this book was unlike anything I ve read Right from the v I was given an ARC of this book by the author in return for an honest review This was an intense and seriously hot book The storyline is a LOT different from other books I ve read That is a good thing It kept me engaged from beginning to end The characters are great You get a feel for who they are and how they got that way from teasing little snippets throughout the book I like that it doesn t drop it all onto you at once It gives you the ability to grow your thoughts on them for yourself The character interaction is crazy Sometimes it in steamy sexy holy hotness then all of a sudden it s in holy shit they re going to kill each other kind of ways It has plot twist that are still kind of hidden, but tease you into trying to guess what s coming I ll tell you upfront, I w

Zel Deviants Saints is LIVEIT S LIVEFREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED I don t know what came over me, I felt like a man possessed Possessed by the need to own a girl I know will never fully be mine but I couldn t stop I didn t want toZel Deviants Saints Meet ZelIn Zel s Line of Work it s SimpleUntil Asher comes alongAnd he wants to I quote Besides, there s another apple who s caught my eye and I really want to bite into it But there s a problem, she has secretsOnes he never expectedCan he help her overcome that which threatens to destroy her can she help him LIVE He ll have to show her who s boss first Yea, he ll have to show her A LOT Violence, graphic sex, filthy Jamaican language, aggressive overly possessive heroin 18 It is not very often that I take a chance on a brand new, unseasoned, author A month or so back, however, I stumbled upon a teaser for Zel and was intrigued enough to pause and check out the book on Goodreads When I was approached to review, I thought why the hell not give it a try It seems dark and dirty, which I tend to enjoy.
Zel is dark and dirty.

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