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A story of a Catholic girls school in the mountains of Rwanda, set apart from society but not protected from the racial tensions that lead up to the genocide The conflicts between Tutsi and Hutu have always existed, and at the time this novel is set, the Belgian government has attempted to mandate mixing by requiring a certain percentage of Tutsi girls to be at the school But they are not treated the same, at least not by the others.
Other issues are raised, such as the idealization of the Tutsi female by white men, confusing expectations of morality between men and women, and how far rising tensions go.
This novel is also a great example of the difference of a novel set in a country written about people living in that country by a person from that country Thanks to Rima for the recommendation Next for Rwanda I m reading We Wish to Inform You That I ve always thought that choosing a good topic was a important skill for non fiction writers And implicitly, at least, I ve thought the same thing for novelists and poets I m much less likely to read books that just mull over the same material Well, Mukasonga chose a topic that s both very appealing to me nunsploitation and objectively worthwhile colonialism, politics, their awful effects on each other But I feel uncomfortable saying that this counts in the book s favor Mukasonga, I gather, lives in France in exile from Rwanda, which she fled due to the 1997 genocide there Her previous works have been autobiographies incomprehensibly, they haven t been translated So it s not like she chose her topic Apologies for the cliche, but it chose her Having almost settled this discomfort, I was free to notice the way Our L

Bringing a surprisingly light touch to the material, Mukasonga investigates the disasters of Rwandan history, building from the colonial period and culminating in the internal strife of genocide in 1994, in the microcosm of an all girls Catholic school in the 80s And so ominous political undercurrents are just one thread running beneath a web of other stories misplaced veneration of old colonial powers, Rwandan folklore lurking at the fringes of official Christianity, gorillas in the mountains, and even a fantastic tangent on Isis not ISIS worship by perhaps crazed white ex colonials Isis tangents are generally to be encouraged, I think, as are folkloric impulses, and the strange religious tensions between the school s namesake black painted Virgin Mary at the head of the Nile and the old believers in spirits and rituals are a great backdrop None of I try really hard to keep up with what happens in the world, but sometimes it is difficult to understand what happens in a foreign county, a foreign culture and the horrific devastation of the genocide that occurred in Rwanda is no exception Sure, I remember the news and yes I saw the movie Hotel Rwanda, but still it is just so difficult to comprehend I wanted to read this book because I thought it would shed further light for me on happened there.
This is a small book that carries the seeds of the horrors yet to be in Rwanda The story takes place at an elite, all girls boarding school We can see through the daily lives of the girls in this school , the Hutus looking down on the Tutsi girls , the politics in and outside of the school It s about organized religion , a black Ma Also available on the Wondrousbooks blog.
5 stars This book is just what I needed to remind me why I decided to follow the reading around the world challenge It s such a good profile of the situation in Rwanda for the time period and even much after as the book is set before the 1994 Tutsi genocide , that I couldn t help but feel carried away into the world of the book.
Our Lady of the Nile delves deeply into the psychology of the regular Rwandans, depicting their beliefs, the struggles in society, the aftermath of the Belgian colonial era, the political issues and their effect on the small people.
I really enjoyed the simplicity of the narrative, the rather uneducated girls who still believe in witch doctors, or so called poisoners, and who are trying to keep their own culture, all the while feeling like they need to also be different, white, Belgia é Notre-Dame du Nil ☆ This is a short yet somewhat dense novel set in an elite Rwandan girls boarding school in the 1970s set well before the genocide but written after, it focuses primarily on the laying of the groundwork for ethnic cleansing As a novel, though, it didn t do anything for me the structure is a series of vignettes than a plot there is no protagonist, and almost all of the girls seem either interchangeable or too distant to inspire any sense of connection in readers The most vivid personality is Gloriosa, who leads the persecution of her Tutsi classmates, but she s too caricatured and two dimensional to be interesting, let alone sympathetic And for all that in real life the teenage years are a time of intense emotion, the girls interactions and relationships are almost entirely drive I had big plans for this novel, first five stars, then four, but by the end of it my plans degenerated down to three I really wanted to give this novel minimum four, but near the end of Our Lady of the Nile the story became choppy Whereas the majority of the story was like a mansion, the end tuned into a lean to tacked on I don t know what happened to this interesting and lyrical novel It s as if the author didn t know where to take the story or just got tired and rushed the story to its finale with too sudden a crescendo Another problem I had with the story is I had difficulty remembering who was who among the students Otherwise, Our Lady of the Nile is not a bad creation The descriptions are wonderful I can visualize the landscape, the school, and the characters, but the story needs to be fine tuned.
Her Most Recent Work And First Novel Notre Dame Du Nil, originally Published In March With Gallimard In French Mukasonga Immerses Us In A School For Young Girls, Called Notre Dame Du Nil The Girls Are Sent To This High School Perched On The Ridge Of The Nile In Order To Become The Feminine Elite Of The Country And To Escape The Dangers Of The Outside World The Book Is A Prelude To The Rwandan Genocide And Unfolds Behind The Closed Doors Of The School, In The î Notre-Dame du Nil ✓ Download by ✓ Scholastique Mukasonga Interminable Rainy Season Friendships, Desires, Hatred, Political Fights, Incitation To Racial Violence, Persecutions The School Soon Becomes A Fascinating Existential Microcosm Of The True S Rwanda Todas estavam unidas no desespero de ser mulher P 136 Tenho vergonha de contar, fico com medo, agora tenho medo de todos os homens, eu sei que cada ser humano esconde em si alguma coisa horr vel P 254 A maior tenta o a de ler esse livro como uma f bula ou alegoria sobre a Ruanda p s descoloniza o, seus conflitos raciais entre hutus e tutsis, a rela o com os franceses e belgas, a pol tica, a religi o, o sexismo claro que tudo isso est l , presente o tempo todo, mas Scholastique Mukasonga vai al m e escreve um belo de um romance de forma o.
A estrutura em cap tulos, que poderiam em alguns casos at ser lidos como contos isolados, aos poucos vai se assemelhando mais a uma s rie em que epis dios com hist rias completas se interligam num arco narrativo maior, construindo uma tens o que se resolve num cl max violento e numa conclus o d

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