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USA Today Bestselling Standalone Novel In The Brooklyn Bruisers World Sometimes Lady Luck Shakes Your Hand, And Sometimes She Smacks Your Face Sometimes She Does Both On The Same DayThree Years Ago I Met The Most Amazing Girl In The World We Were Both Down On Our Luck Then I Got That Callthe One That Tells You To Get Your Buns On A Plane To Go Meet Your DestinyBut The Girl Was Left Behind [Sarina Bowen] ë Superfan: A Hockey Romance (Brooklyn Book 3) (English Edition) [origami PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë I Didnt Have Her Phone Number, And She Didnt Know My Real NameWhile I Became A Professional Hockey Player, She Became A Superstar, With Platinum Records And Legions Of Fans And A Slick, Music Producer Boyfriend Who Treated Her BadlyBut Fate Wasnt Done With Us Yet When Delilah Turns Up At A Hockey Game, I Cant Resist Making Contact The Internet Swoons When I Ask Her Out On A DateShe Might Not Remember Me But Her Jerkface Ex Does Hell Do Anything To Keep Us Apart Good Thing Athletes Never Give Up This Time Im Playing To Win ↠´ Superfan: A Hockey Romance (Brooklyn Book 3) (English Edition) ✓ Superfan by Sarina Bowen is than a new addition to the Bruisers Series This book brings the Brooklyn Bruisers Hockey Team full circle We met Silas Kelly, the rookie goalie, in the first book of the series where he struggled to hold onto his position His athletic abilities and talent to guard the net just needed to mesh with his psyche He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he belonged with the Bruisers He also proved that he was a stand up guy that his teammates could depend on no matter what He s proven his worth in the professional arena, he s accomplishing his career goals, and he s made lifetime friends He only has one regret is Delilah , the one he let get away in order to save his hockey career The girl who he felt connected to the moment they met Delilah Spark is now one of the biggest rising pop stars in the music industry and doesn t even know his real name.
Delilah S 4.
9 StarsFinally Silas We ve already heard about his Delilah addiction in the last book And now we hear all about how he met her three years ago when he was jobbing as a bartender in California And Delilah was an ber talented girl about to hit it big in the music business At least that s what Silas promised her What he didn t tell her was his real name And his profession She thinks he s a Cali surfer bar guy named Ralph LOL And now they re in contact again via twitter Only Delilah a superstar now doesn t know anyone named Silas Yet.
LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN Such an adorable story I m not the biggest hockey romance fan but I just adore the boys and girls in this series and anything Sarina writes is amazing anyway Sil Sarina nailed it again with SUPERFAN Silas is the goalie of the Brooklyn Bruisers Before that, he was a bartender And once met a young lady with an exceptional voice Now, years later, he s a superfan of her music, he has the chance to meet up with his crush again.
Great chemistry, slow burn, definitely awesome characters throughout the whole book, great EVERYTHING LOVED IT Sometimes it is really hard to put so many feelings and impressions into words Sarina Bowen is one of the best writers I ve ever read, and she gets even better with each book she writes There s something magical about her voice that never fails to enchant me I admire her talent so much, and always look forward to reading her, even when I ve read the book 15 times already.
I love everything about her books She writes about strong, independent women and strong and respectful men In my opinion, her characters are so lovable because they are actually good people, and they are relatable to readers because they feel like real people, even if they are professional hockey players or raising music stars.
One of her trademarks is her abili Was war ich auf dieses Buch gespannt Ich habe das erste Kapital, das als Teaser ein paar Wochen vor dem Erscheinungsdatum ver ffentlich wurde, geliebt Der Humor in der Gruppe an Charakteren, die ganze Dynamik zwischen ihnen, war genau mein Fall Darauf aufbauend habe ich dann nat rlich auch erwartet, dass Superfan mich umhauen w rde, hat es aber leider nicht Im Gegenteil, es war f r mich aus verschiedenen Gr nden eher ein laues L ftchen und teils sogar etwas rgerlich.
Die Liebesgeschichte war durchaus nett, leider hat mir in der Beziehung, vor allem in der Kommunikation zwischen Silas und Delilah, etwas gefehlt, um mich so richtig in den Bann zu ziehen Ein bisschen mehr Leichtigkeit w re sch n gewesen Ich muss auch leider sagen, dass mich Delilah als Charakter nicht berzeugen konnte, teils fand ich sie etwas nervend.
Auch fand ich es extrem schade, dass es nach dem ersten Kapit

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