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Soft has the most misleading blurb and design I ve ever encountered This month at least let time corrupt Packaged as an edgy Palahniuk style assault on evil capitalist pigs, the blurb tells us of the most marginal protagonist in the story, marketing whizz Jimmy who devises a subliminal ad campaign based on brainwashing experiments Wellno.
In actual fact, this is a book about relationships It just happens to bring the three protagonists together via a subplot about an evil fizzy pop company It is page 118 before the blurb makes any sense, at which point we have already been intimately acquainted with hardman Barker and flaky waitress Glade Bad Bloomsbury The book details their various empty relationships, drawing the characters closer, towards their unlikely destruction through tacky orange pop It isn t entirely consistent, or plausible, bu I do love a good noir, and the Goodreads algorithm recommended this one Bad decision.
The premise was daft, the dame flaky and I was bored to tears by filler prose Barker began to sing Hotel California under his breath He had no idea why that particular song had come to mind unless perhaps he d heard it on the radio that morning while he was waiting for his saucepan of water to boil On a dark desert highway Cool wind in your hair He had to hum the rest because he couldn t remember the words QED.

Softdrinksand complicated interpersonal relationships.
rupert thomson, one of my very favorite authors plus adds life I didn t actually finish this book I read most of it, and it was OK, and I had about 50 pages to go I wasn t inspired by it, so I figured I d knock those off that evening and start something else Sadly, at the end of a long train journey that evening, the 13th September 2009, I set it down on the concrete outside Andover train station and must have forgotten to pick it up when my lift arrived.
That was a little disappointing, but not very, which is really as good a verdict on the book as I can give It didn t impress me but it was just fine Thomson is a decent writer and his style fits nicely into the late 90s Soft is hugely anachronistic, in fact, but not in a good way Its big premise, that a group of people could be subconsciously programmed to become living adverts for a new Soft drink product, has basically no shock value whatsoever ten years later We re au fait with the no ↠´ Soft à this was a really interesting look at the world of advertising taken to the nth degree really compelling and genuinely gets you on the edge of your seat you care about the characters contained within these pages a great read.
Three people, three different backgrounds and lifestyles, one Soft drink It s a thriller, and so well written This book flew by, because the writing was crisp, but not spare, the characters not at all stereotypical there s plenty of backstory.
But what I liked most was the choices Rupert Thomson makes in his descriptions he doesn t show you everything, only just enough so the reader has to do a bit of work.
This book s well worth your time, if you like a literate and somewhat scathing noirish read.
Definitely recommended.
Rupert Thomson does write some curious books This is the third one I ve read, and it was surprising in the turn it took Very cleverly thought out The ending I suppose fitting, realistic but kind of depressing that they got away with it and no one seemed to feel any remorse.
The book is split into six parts and each part follows a particular character three of them, so we do return to characters We start off in Plymouth with Barker, this pumped up doorman with tattoos, who is currently the victim of a hate campaign by a rough family called the Scullys One of theirs died after falling off a balcony at the walkway to Barker s flat An accident yet why was he there drunkardly screaming at Barker There s hints at stuff that have gone on in his past He moves to London, gets mixed up with some wrong uns, ends up taking a hitman job Before he does anything abo This was a re read and I was interested to see how this book had stood the test of time It did not feel dated.
I love the detail with with Rupert Thomson draws his characters and scenes drawing you into the story and the lives of the characters This is very unsettling read all theso when I started noticing all things orange At first I felt a little cheated at the end as I wanted to know about what happened next, but I agree with the Independent Review.
Thomson doesn t see his books as thrillers,as meditations on vulnerability and loss He likes the idea that what he writes is simply the starting point A book is like a piece of Software which you feed into someone s hard drive They can make of it whatever they want to I think this is spot on Also having read a 2006 article in the Boston Review about the author s work I have been set thinking about the definition of and difference First Glance, The Thrillers Of British Author Rupert Thomson Seem To Have Nothing In Common Except The Expansiveness Of His Imagination And The Lucid Radiance Of His Writing Air Fire Is About A Group Of French People Sent To California At The End Of The Th Century To Build A Church The Insult Is About A Man Blinded By A Robber In A Supermarket Parking Lot Who Discovers One Night That Because Of A Bizarre Experiment He Can See Again Thomson S Latest Finds Ò Soft Ö Download by ✓ Rupert Thomson Three Very Different Characters An Aimless Waitress, A Reluctant Hit Man, And An Ambitious Young Marketing Executive Linked By The Sudden Success Of A New Soft Drink But A Closer Look Confirms The Feeling That Softcontinues The Author S Fascination With The Way Science Can Bend And Shape The Destinies Of All Sorts Of Nonscientific People Certainly Glade Spencer, The Flaky Young Woman Who Flies Off Periodically For Unpleasant Encounters With Her American Lawyer Boyfriend, Has No Idea When She Signs Up For A Sleep Clinic To Earn Some Extra Cash That The Soda Slogans Planted In Her Brain Could Cause Her Death Barker Dodds, The Nightclub Bouncer From Plymouth, Doesn T Know Why He S Being Paid To Kill Glade And James Lyle, The Striving Marketer Who Thought Up The Brainwashing Scheme In The First Place, Is Deliberately Out Of The Loop About Its Consequences All Three Are So Perfectly Drawn That You D Recognize Them On The Street, And The Way Thomson Describes Their Quirky, Weirdly Decorated Flats And Lifestyles Captures The Flickering Pulse Of London With Uncanny AccuracyDick Adler Yll tt v kirja En oikein tiennyt, mit odotin, ja kesken kirjan piti lukea takakansi, ja sitten vasta ihmettelinkin, mit olin lukemassa.
Kirjan jako eri osiin toimii, eri kertojien tarinat limittyv t v hitellen ja alkuun pienilt tuntuvat asiat saavat ison merkityksen Takakannen perusteella odotin enemm n joukkohysteriaa ja suurempia ylily ntej , mutta toisaalta varsin eleett m sti kuvatut tapahtumat saivat entist isomman merkityksen muuten melko normaalissa maailmassa Tunnelma oli alusta l htien vahva ja sopivasti vinksahtanut, mik sopi kuvaan.
Kirjan kannet eiv t olisi voineet olla osuvammat.

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