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A Dramatic Account Of Violence And Espionage, Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter Ronan Farrow Exposes Serial Abusers And A Cabal Of Powerful Interests Hellbent On Covering Up The Truth, At Any CostIn , A Routine Network Television Investigation Led Ronan Farrow To A Story Only Whispered About One Of Hollywood S Most Powerful Producers Was A Predator, Protected By Fear, Wealth, And A Conspiracy Of Silence As Farrow Drew Closer To The Truth, Shadowy Operatives, From High Priced Lawyers To Elite War ↠´ Catch and Kill õ Download by Ð Ronan Farrow Hardened Spies, Mounted A Secret Campaign Of Intimidation, Threatening His Career, Following His Every Move, And Weaponizing An Account Of Abuse In His Own Family All The While, Farrow And His Producer Faced A Degree Of Resistance That Could Not Be Explained Until Now And A Trail Of Clues Revealed Corruption And Cover Ups From Hollywood, To Washington, And Beyond This Is The Untold Story Of The Exotic Tactics Of Surveillance And Intimidation Deployed By Wealthy And Connected Men To Threaten Journalists, Evade Accountability, And Silence Victims Of Abuse And It S The Story Of The Women Who Risked Everything To Expose The Truth And Spark A Global MovementBoth A Spy Thriller And A Meticulous Work Of Investigative Journalism, Catch and Kill Breaks Devastating New Stories About The Rampant Abuse Of Power And Sheds Far Reaching Light On Investigations That Shook The Culture I d give this than 5 stars if I could What a masterpiece.
This is so well researched, well sourced, everything I ve come to know as the standard of Ronan Farrow s reporting But beyond that, it s such a powerful account of corporate silence and failure, complicity, of brave sources coming forward, a frankly wild look into the world of international espionage, and so much It is also harrowing and incredible to read what Ronan personally went through to get these stories out Part II of the book was especially shocking and hard to read a lot of this is incredibly hard to read the content warning for detailed descriptions of sexual assault should probably go without saying re this book , but it s so wildly important that this story is out there, and that Ronan u You think you already know this story, but you don t This is essential reading.
It s probably clich to describe this book as seeming like a real life spy thriller but it truly does read at times like a real life spy thriller Catch and Kill extensively covers the behind the scenes of Ronan Farrow s reporting on Harvey Weinstein, how he was trailed by intelligence agencies, and the tactics that were used to try and stop him from getting the story published Reading this book really gives the big picture about how Harvey was able to prey on women for such a long period of time His tactics for shutting down journalists over the years are spelled out, and we see first hand through Ronan s eyes how Harvey was able to get NBC to kill the story In interviews after Ronan s initial stories broke he was always guarded about why NBC wouldn t air the story and why he no longer worked for the company He would always say things like, I don t want to be the sto Õ Catch and Kill ↠´ I m so sad and so proud and so angry.
If you re at all interested in the culture of abuse in Hollywood, especially the Weinstein rape and sexual assault cases, and how the media often helps protect abusers and cover up the crimes, please read this.
What makes this book so compelling is the combination of meticulous detail and genuinely captivating storytelling There s also a very specific zeitgeist that this book captures that, I think, will make it compelling in different ways over the course of time The feeling of this moment is that this book and the reporting that the book itself is about have helped to create change in the way the world operates, even as it reports on those very things By being so fearless and persistent about telling the stories of victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault, the world is a safer place for future victims of sexual harassment and assault I hadn t been quite so excited for a book launchever Farrow did an impressive job of using his social media and media appearances to maximum advantage to instill a sense of anticipatio Truly truly exceptional I listened to the audio version of this book and listening felt like a clean slice through the heart devastating, unflinching, lethal As a woman, I d always been aware of the structural power imbalances that I and others had to work against, but Farrow lays bare the layers upon layers that society creates to insulate and protect powerful male predators and makes it clear that in ways both subtle and menacing, the rules are stacked against us There are some really difficult things to read some are about the corruption from those at the top, some are physical descriptions of rape, and by the end, I was moved to tears Ronan Farrow deserves huge accolades for writing this book despite being threatened, coerced, stifled and followed If he endured that, you can imagine what the women he wrote about endured.
Catch and Kill should be required reading for everyone P Trump no better than Weinstein.
Ronan Farrow has a new book, you say Excuse me while I search under the sofa for spare change because I must have it.
This is the second book I ve read She Said Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement in the last 30 days about serial sexual assault abuse and sexual criminal behavior in Hollywood and Washington, and I think if you are going to read one book, you need to read them both While She Said concentrates on the victim s stories, Catch and Kill takes it a step further and delves into the lies, intimidation and cover up by the people, including NBC, that protect predators like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, etc I think these two quotes sum up the book perfectly people contorting their bodies into the shapes of gears for Harvey Weinstein s machine In the end, the courage of women can t be stamped out And stories the big ones, the true ones can be caught but never killed Excellent writing by Ronan Farrow As I said in my review for She Said, the same goes for Catch and

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