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This is everything you want in a Bible study solid, convicting Biblical truth presented in powerful and engaging ways, and full of practical application that can absolutely lead to transformation.
I would suggest this Bible Study to anybody who is ages 13 and up and I would DEFINITELY suggest you doing this study with your mom or daughter The sole reason I gave this study 4 stars instead of 5 is because some questions asked in this book were a little confusing and I didn t always know how to answer all of them This books was definitely made for older women, older than little old teenage me It definitely provides many spiritual lessons everybody in their lifetime needs to learn and lessons that can help us win this battle against the enemy, Satan.
Day, Every Day, An Invisible War Rages Around You Unseen, Unheard, Yet Felt Throughout Every Aspect Of Your Life A Devoted, Devilish Enemy Seeks To Wreak Havoc On Everything That Matters To You Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Marriage, Your Children, Your Relationships, Your Resilience, Your Dreams, Your Destiny But His Battle Plan Depends On Catching You Unaware And Unarmed If You Re Tired Of Being Pushed Around And Caught With Your Guard [ read Online The Armor of God - Bible Study Book ð sex-and-erotica PDF ] by Priscilla Shirer ð Down, This Study Is For YouThe Enemy Always Fails Miserably When He Meets A Woman Dressed For The Occasion The Armor Of God, Than Merely A Biblical Description Of The Believer S Inventory, Is An Action Plan For Putting It On And Developing A Personalized Strategy To Secure VictorySessions Features Bible Study Book IncludesWeeks Of Homework That Can Be Completed BetweenGroup SessionsIncludes Leader Helps And Perforated Prayer Cards That Can Be Used To Develop A Prayer StrategyLeader Material Guides To Questions And Discussion With Small Group Benefits Equip Women To Get Serious, Specific, And Strategic In Their Discipline Of PrayerTurn Challenges And Discouragement Into Opportunities For PrayerGrow Spiritually As You Dig Deeper Into Scripture And Expand Your Understanding Of PrayerDevelop And Implement Practical, Purposeful Prayer StrategiesAppropriate For New Or Inexperienced Bible Study Students As Well As Those Well Versed In ScripturesLeaders Can Be Assured Of A Trusted Teacher In Every GroupOpportunity For Multiple Leaders Or Facilitators The study itself was incredible, but I read it in conjunction with Dressed to Kill by Rick Renner, and that made it absolutely life changing Iclearly see where I was slow or even not putting on pieces of armor, where I laced pieces on too loosely and allowing my enemy to attack and win battles that I needlessly gave him power over me I clearly saw the lies I easily believe, and Priscilla Shirer pointed me to the truth to combat them and bolster both my defense and offense Rick Renner s book added in the history of the Roman armor and dug deeper into the uses of each piece that sometimes Priscilla glossed over or didn t have room to dive into, making the lesson evenprofound Overall, I highly recommend this study If I could give this Bible study 10 stars, I would I don t know if it s that this Bible study is the best I ve ever done or that it just came at a time in my life when I most needed it either way, it was amazing and life changing for me I went into it thinking that I already knew about the armor of God, but Priscilla Shirer put this in such a way that it was new and fresh, convicting, and incredibly applicable I simply cannot rave about this study and Priscilla s teaching enough.
Please do this study It s worth it.
I read this book with a group of women at my church, and enjoyed the conversation as well as the study It s on Ephesians 6 10 19, Paul s description of the armor we need to wear in spiritual warfare.
I never can read that passage without thinking of the summer I spent sword fighting my male cousin We were both first born teens, used to getting our way, and argumentative But instead of bickering, my dad had us duel in the backyard He taught a college level fencing class and had brought home the foils swords , helmets, and padded, cloth breastplates The dueling did not always benefit us or resolve the conflict I distinctly remember that once we dueled over the last piece of cake while our little sisters ate it But I can still feel the weigh á The Armor of God - Bible Study Book á This bible study book was fantastic The topic is a good one, and the way that she asks questions and infuses other bible passages to look up is very beneficial It had good questions for group discussion although they weren t specific group questions each time our group found questions from the week to discuss that were deep and allowed us to share our struggles and lives together Would probably do this study again as it s not something that you learn once and done.
I wasn t sure whether to give this one three or four stars She is a gifted servant of the Lord and had some amazing and useful analogies I will never forget, but I would have lovedengagement with the actual Word of God andin depth homework.

Excellent Bible study This is the first exposure I ve had to Priscilla Shirer and I found her to be a wonderful speaker as well as an engaging writer The lessons were in depth enough that I felt like I was getting some real sustenance, and were always applicable to everyday life Highly recommended.
If I could give this study six stars, I would Priscilla Shirer minces no words as she teaches on each part of God s armor in Ephesians While there was always an interesting anecdote or analogy to help me understand her teaching, her writing, and speaking on the companion videos, were meaty and extremely efficient Her teaching was so effective this is the first time I could walk through this part of Scripture and really teach it to someone else I m disappointed it s over and highly recommend

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