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On a trip back to the old village for her ex boyfriend s engagement party to the unlovely bitch, Lucy, the h, meets up with Drew He dated Rosumond for a while and Holly feels his pain as well as hers Between the two they concoct a plan to help them both They will pretend to be in love to make the other two idjits jealous It only works with one of them as Howard really isn t interested in anyone, and Rose whatever is such a nasty piece of work she d steal candy from a baby much less release the now wealthy farmer with abs of steel to a chick she feels is an unworthy competitor Turns out Rosamund and Drew never really dated When Penny Jordan isn t torturing her poor little victims heroines, she is painfully connecting the dots on the inner musing of the tiny h Again and Aww , I fell for H , I have a thing for farmers and countrymen h was blind , although I think it was by choice in the end , she knew he loved her and not OW but for some unknown reason she chose to ignore it, hell poor fellow kept on dropping hints about his love Anyway a well deserved HEA I would have loved epilogue where OW n OM get married and went through hell , they deserve each other very much hehe.
Delicious Hero, I loved it Heroine was a bit blind to what really mattered, but she got there, eventually These two had terrific chemistry.
Sweet romance with a besotted hero who s loved the heroine for years.
So I ve been meaning to read this for a while now and finally, a friend s review clinched it for me And now that I ve read it, I have to say it was well worth the hours spent Beyond Compare is everything a romance novel should be with an H that every romantic hero would do well to emulate This was so heartwarming and subtly passionate just the way I like it The story s simple The h Holly has been jilted by her ex boyfriend in favour of the village Veronica Lodge and to put the icing on the cake the evil ex has invited her to attend their engagement do at said village Now Holly being a upwardly mobile career girl, isn t one to shy away from a challenge and decides to attend even with all her misgivings There she runs into Drew, the loca

After swearing I would NEVER read another Penny Jordan, I actually ordered this PAPERBACK and had to WAIT to read it sits next to mailbox Well, the package came this afternoon I ripped it open and devoured the whole book in one sitting.
Oh My God.
THIS BOOK IS ADORABLE Seriously, the most adorable HP ever The hero is so squee worthy and unlike most modern HP heroes He is a freakin farmer LOVE THAT Instead of a billionaire tycoon, PJ gives us an ADORABLE farmer who has been madly in love with the heroine for years He does drive a Range Rover, so there is that The plot is silly and contrived and WHO CARES I LOVE DREW I only wish the last chapter had been longer and that we got an epilogue.
Adorbs Grade A p.
s This book is SO 1980s, it s hilarious The heroine keeps talking about how avant garde she is with interior painting, like faux finishes and stuff Hee º Beyond Compare (Harlequin Presents, #1282) î Sweet romance with a hero who has loved the heroine for years He was pretty beta and should have fessed up to his love earlier But then there wouldn t have been much of a book right Not a lot of angst but no real stupidity either Fun read.
A cute romance Every now and then Penny Jordan would give us a hero who is so delicious and interesting without being a jerk He demands your full attention in his so quiet way He was a perfect hero and deserved a 5 The heroine lacked self confidence and maybe that s why it took her such a long time to open up her eyes and come in terms with her own feelings and to realize who he really loved.
Re Beyond Compare Penny Jordan takes the opportunity to give us another sneaky Alpha H pretending to be a Beta to get his girl The poor H has been in love with our cuddlesome baby bunny h since she was 16 But unfortunately our h is also as befuddled as a baby bunny and thinks she is in love with another guy But PJ makes the h sweet and winsome enough to avoid a lot of exasperation with her, as the h later says, she didn t know anything else at the time.
This one opens with the 22 yr old interior decorating stencil specialist h crying on her very kind boss s shoulder about how her long term boyfriend since school has dumped her for the local rich mean girl back in her home village The boss wisely doesn t comment except to say the h can do a lot better in the boyfriend stakes, but she privately thinks the h has no clue and it is only propinquit Was A Mistake It Just Had To Be Surely Howard Would Come To His Senses And Realize Holly Was The One For Him When He Did, She D Be Waiting Meanwhile, Though, Holly Witchell Was Determined To Make Howard Neston Appreciate What He Had Lost In Jilting Her For Her Glamorous Schoolmate, Rosamund And Who Better Than Drew Hammond To Help Her After All, Rosamund Had Jilted Drew To Become Engaged To Howard It Seemed Logical For Holly [Penny Jordan] ë Beyond Compare (Harlequin Presents, #1282) [autobiography PDF] read Online Á And Drew To Pretend To Be Lovers While They Waited For Their Real Loves To Change Their Minds

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