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Publication Of Warlords of Oman InCoincided With The First Export Of Oil From Oman And The Beginning Of Momentous Change In A Country That Had Been Virtually Closed To The Outside World Since Then Under The Leadership Of His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos, The Development Of The Country And Its People Has Been Recognized As An International Success StoryThe Events Recorded In This Book Describe A Very Different State Of Affairs In A Part Of The World About Which Little Was Known À read ß Warlords of Oman by P.
S Allfree Ð At The Time Very Few books Had Been Published When Warlords of Oman First Appeared In PrintAlthough Much Has Been Written Since About Oman And The Events Set Down In This Book, Warlords of Oman Remains A Classic Of Arabian Travel And Experience It Is Full Of Lively Descriptions Of People And Places Its Pages Abound With Delightful Scenes Of Local Colour, Lively Encounters, Fascinating Characters And Enthralling Incidents I had a personal interest in reading this book as I spent 18 months in Oman from 1959 to 1961 mapping the country, sharing the same dangers of that period as the author, such as being shot at and having our vehicles mined The book covers the background to the conflict between Sultan and Imam very well, much of which I knew already and expresses the frustrations of a war against an invisible enemy The part regarding the gathering of intelligence was very interesting I was slightly disappointed that the latter part of the conflict was covered in so few pages at the end of the book and by the lack of photos, especially of mined vehicles, of which I have many Other than people who were in some way involved personally, I think the book would appeal to anyone

For anyone interested in the history of the developing Oman this is fascinating reading.
Warlords of Oman is a boys own tale of derring do and adventure Immensely enjoyable as a good read Allfree writes from experience.
A previous reviewer wished that there had beeninformation I d suggest reading other books covering the same events, which are complementary to this book, eg, Dangerous Frontiers by Bryan Ray, commander of the Northern Frontier Regiment of the Sultan s Armed Forces in the early 1970s While Ray fought in a later campaign than Allfree describes, there is overlap in personnel.
And Dr J E Petersen s Oman s Insurgencies The Sultanate s Struggle for Supremacy The Dhofar campaign was, in some ways, an extension of the battle for Jabal al Akhdar Dr Petersen spent 10 years in Oman researching the history of the Sul

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