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I used this book for class, but as is typical with the text of the Metamorphoses, there were definitely discrepancies throughout the text I would recommend that you usethan just this text, perhaps the Oxford, in order to compare some areas where creative license was taken Be sure to skim the notes on translation at the bottom if you re serious about the text If everyone in your class is using this, not too big a deal since no one will have differences come up in the translation.
µ The Metamorphoses of Ovid - Complete Edition: By Ovid - Illustrated µ As a philosopher, he wedded classical methods of inquiry to a Chrisitan faith The Metamorphoses captures the scope and the fire of Ovid s genius as thoroughly as asny single volume can It contains complete verse translation of Ovid s 15 books.
The purpose of the Metamorphoses was to edit in a poetic way a few stories from the greek mytholegy from the begionning of the world and until the times of Aogustus.
In all the stories the people and the gods change themselves into animals, beasts, birds, plants and rocks Here took Oviduis the greatest task by selecting only the most interesting stories from the mytholegy and twist them together in a chronicle line.
This book violates one of my primary pet peeves It claims to be a commentary yet gives little to no help with grammar and syntax I am sure there are many valuable insights to be had here, but in a text largely aimed at students, there should be muchhelp offered for translating the text Only then will the student be able to appreciate any additional insight offered.
The previous reviewer should note that Ovid died in 17 B.
, which would not only make him an early Christian, it would make him the FIRST Christian Jesus was still a boy And Ovid was even less of a philosopher But he was Rome s 1 or no lower than 1a poet.
Everthing that Ovid does in the poem serves his wit from expressive metrical effects to rhetorical flourishes from the structure of individual episodes to the arrangement of story groups from the hilariously inventive transitions to narrative innovations.
S Anderson s commentaries show an unmatched sensitivity to Ovid s style.
Just because someone lived in at the same time as Jesus does not make him a Christian far from it, in fact Ovid, as you might have noticed if you have read his works, is a poet who write about life, love, power, society, loss, loneliness, and the pain of exile.
Is This Book Unique Font Adjustments However, He Diverged Significantly From All Of His Models One Of The Most Influential Works In Western Culture, The Metamorphoses Has Inspired Such Authors As Dante Alighieri, Giovanni Boccaccio, Geoffrey Chaucer, And William Shakespeare Numerous Episodes From The Poem Have Been Depicted In Acclaimed Works Of Sculpture, Painting, And Music Although Interest In Ovid Faded After The Renaissance, There Was A Resurgence Of Attention To Ì read å The Metamorphoses of Ovid - Complete Edition: By Ovid - Illustrated by Ovid É His Work Towards The End Of The Th Century Today, The Metamorphoses Continues To Inspire And Be Retold Through Various Media The Work Has Been The Subject Of Numerous Translations Into English, The First By William Caxton InOvid S Decision To Make Myth The Dominant Subject Of The Metamorphoses Was Influenced By The Predisposition Of Alexandrian Poetry However, Whereas It Served In That Tradition As The Cause For Moral Reflection Or Insight, He Made It Instead The Object Of Play And Artful Manipulation The Model For A Collection Of Metamorphosis Myths Derived From A Pre Existing Genre Of Metamorphosis Poetry In The Hellenistic Tradition, Of Which The Earliest Known Example Is Boio S Ornithogonia

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