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↠´ The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages · I will fall short of words to describe the help this book can and will bring to society For thousands of years the Indians have perfected the use of mantras and there are thousands or millions of books that describe details of the purpose, need, procedure and effect of mantra chanting However all of that information is dispersed in those thousands of books This one book distills all the jargon from those books and also unlocks the secrets that is often done only by the aspirant s Guru and produces pure divine information that has been practiced and verified by the author himself I cannot be thankful enough to the author for the great service he has done by publishing this information.
Mystical Energy Of Mantras Is As Intact Today As It Was Thousands Of Years Ago All You Need To Know Is How To Invoke A Mantra And, This Is Exactly What This Book Is AboutIn A Never Before Work, Veering From The Ancient Tradition Of Guru Disciple Secrecy, Himalayan Ascetic And Bestselling Author Om Swami Bares All The Essentials And Fundamentals Of Invoking The Sonic Energy Of Mantras For Material And Spiritual FulfillmentDrawing On His Decades Of First Hand Experiences And Intense Practice ✓ The Ancient Science of Mantras: Wisdom of the Sages ç Download by Ô Om Swami On The Path Of Mantra Sadhana, With His Characteristic Simplicity And Humor, Om Swami Explains The Origin Of Mantras And Their Application Today Why And How Mantras Work How To Choose A Mantra And Invoke It How To Succeed In Mantra Sadhana Without A Human Guru Everything Else You Need To Know About Mantra YogaThe Ancient Science Of Mantras, Magnificent And Easy To Read, Is Your Ultimate Guide To Self Transformation Brimming With Wisdom, Anecdotes And His Experiences, The Sadhanas Given Here Have Been Practiced And Verified By Swami An Indispensable Companion On Your Spiritual Journey This book is a manual for walking on a path of self awakening Many in medical profession will recall the first night of being on call You are worried, concerned and apprehensive You have the knowledge but NO experience But you feel reassured by a small book that you carry in your pocket, and it tells you how to treat various maladies For a novice like a medical intern on call, for a devotee on a call to find his Rama, this book tells you all the techniques, precautions,almost like a senior surgeon guiding an intern during complex operation But here the operation is on Self to get to know ReaI I , the instruments are mantra and swami ji is senior surgeon Swami ji tells one how to reach , ,I recommend this book highly for any spiritually oriented person who is interested in ancient Indian wisdom, to have a step wise manual for spiritual awakening Every book by swa

The subject of mantras has historically received a wide variety of reactions There are the nonbelievers who perhaps would like to be addressed as ones with a scientific temperament To them mantras are an archaic, irrational and irrelevant malady of the society There are the agnostics, who at most are intrigued by this occult art but won t delve deeper There are the zealots who unquestioningly accept it as an ancestral heritage and don t see a need to evaluate the rationale behind these practices And then there s the author of this book, Om Swami, who begs to differ.
The Ancient Science of Mantras is a result of a lifetime of research and experiments from a scientist who won t settle for anything less than empirical evidence This work will startle you with the conviction of the author His authority over the subject is undeniable Add This gem of a book is without doubt the rarest of the rares in terms of an English publication that reveals so much of the normally hidden and secret teachings The Buddhist masters have evolved to share and teach teachings that were secret and only to be passed on directly to disciples considering the Kaliyuga that we are living in right now However the Hindu masters have kept their rigidity on maintaining these teachings for disciplines only.
The author Om Swami is the pioneer to change all these and accept the responsibility that most if not all other swami don t want to.
You will never find another book for English readers that contains these much information and techniques and personal guidance anywhere period.
If you are serious about mantra japa and want to try attain the summit of mantra siddhi, then this book is for you.
Pranaams to Om Swami for his dharma in giving this gift t

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