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An Elderly Customer At A Big Box Furniture Store Slips Through A Portal To Another Dimension, It S Up To Two Minimum Wage Employees To Track Her Across The Multiverse And Protect Their Company S Bottom Line Multi Dimensional Swashbuckling Would Be Hard Enough, But Our Two Unfortunate Souls Broke Up A Week AgoCan Friendship Blossom From The Ashes Of A Relationship In Infinite Dimensions, All Things Are ☆ read Finna by Nino Cipri ↠´ Possible My first thought on reading about this book was it would be a bit like Grady Hendrix s Horrorst r a humorous horror takedown of Capitalism and retail culture through the lens of our most favorite to hate Swedish retailer and I was only half wrong This book is about the unquiet horror of capitalism, yes, but it s also a poignant and hopeful take on identity, family, and the paths we choose or sometimes seize for ourselves When an elderly customer goes missing, Ava is volun told to team up with her recent ex, Jules, to find and retrieve her What follows is a series of laugh out loud retail moments, squirming, living wormholes, and an exploration of time and space that shows you just how far and how close home can be.
I hesitate to say because this This was perfectly okay Not the fun, page turning romp about two exes who have to track an elderly woman through the multiverse after IKEA s maze like interior punches a whole through space time that I signed up for, but still okay The plot plods along and the characters could emote effusively, but the book s biggest strength lies in its razor sharp critique of capitalism and the subpar treatment of retail workers.

5 StarsThis was such an entertaining science fiction novella that bought it elements of horror with some dangerous furniture Yet despite the goofy synopsis, this was a surprisingly heartfelt story I only expected a fun, light hearted adventure, but I honestly didn t think I would love the story as much as I did First, the IKEA like setting was fantastic The story reminded me a bit of Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix in how it explores the pains of retail employment I also really appreciated reading about a non binary character because it is an area of the LGBT community that I don t see represented in most of the fiction that I read I felt that the conversations surrounding identity and misgendering really added to the depth of the narrative Overall, I really liked the characters and found myself becoming quite attached I thought the ending was excellent and I will definitely This store comes with a built in creepy Scandinavian Narnia Yep, that s a multiverse take on IKEA, the modern corporate slavery, maskh l aka mareji aka wormholes and nonbinary ideas.
They even have tutorials on this Wormholes and You These tutorials come equipped with the most obnoxiously heterosexual blobs flirting The Rooms in here are hilarious Q Edgelord Rockabilly Dorm RoomThe Nihilist Bachelor Cube its cousins Coked out Divorc e, Parental Basement Dweller, and Massage Therapist Who Lived in Their Studio Midlife Crisis Mom room Other nice stuff Q To go where she wanted, she had to get lost, and it seemed almost instinctual to do that now She d been lost for a long time, rudderless c Q Heartache felt like a persistent hangover lethargy, a headache, an unshakeable belief in the cruelty of the world, drifting outside of

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