Ú The Orb Project Û Download by Ï Klaus Heinemann Ph.D.

I have a degree in philosophy, not quantum physics Intro too technical for average reader and 1st part not much better Plus one needed illustrations in both sections 2nd part not overly believable but easier to read.
Years, People Have Wondered If The Spherical Objects That Sometimes Appear In Their Photographs Are Simply Dust Particles Or Something Two Leading Experts On The Orb Phenomenon Combine Their Knowledge To Explain That Orbs Are Really Representations Of The Spirit Realm With Full Colour Photographs, Fascinating Research Findings, And Tips For Photographing Orbs, This Book Makes The Case That Our Conventional Physical Reality Is Merely An Extension Of The Limitless Spiritual Ú The Orb Project Û Download by Ï Klaus Heinemann Ph.
Dimension Fascinating Ô The Orb Project ✓ I m afraid this a book for wishful thinkers, those that want to find evidence of the supernatural in their photos and will suspend common sense in order to do so I bought the book because I wanted to see the argument from both sides and was told it would change my mind, but it hasn t.
I have been a professional photographer since 1976 and neither I nor any half serious photographer I know of would give any credence to the claims in this book.
We are told that orbs only appear when we use cheap digital cameras and not in expensive SLRs that have dark filters in them which is news to me There are all sorts of reasons given for this, but they mysteriously leave out the real reason, which is simply that the flash on a small digital camera is so close to the lens that it lights up the air a couple of inches in front of it and anything that happens to be floati Brought for a present so can t really say much than this.
Looked interesting.
The Orb Project is an outstanding look at a phenomenon that seems to be too far out of the reality box for Newtonian scientific understanding and therefore is criticized as such For many people it is just too hard to believe that some sort of life form that is possibly conscious could exist outside the framework of scientific materialism The.
com review by A Scientist, not willing to give his name, is an example of a limited perspective by a person who obviously didn t even bother to read the book If he or she had read it they would find all of their arguments clearly refuted Granted, if you shake a rug for dust or spritz the air with water when you digitally photograph you will get a photo of a cloud of dust or water, but the orbs of various colors and shapes will not be in the photo.
The forward was written by William A Tiller, Ph.
, who is a scientist and professor emeritus

Great book, great value.
Good to have explanations from the different view points.

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