[ Max Siollun] ✓ Nigeria's Soldiers of Fortune: The Abacha and Obasanjo Years [mermaids PDF] Read Online Ï coinfetti.co

Max has done it again A very compelling exposition of recent Nigerian history The named protagonists are vividly portrayed in a richly contextualised narrative that engages, informs and clarifies previously baffling political happenings A must read for anyone interested in the geo political conundrum known as Nigeria.

Max Siollun has written this book so well It is factual, crisp and captivating.
While the decade he covers in Nigeria s political history provided the materials, the author prepared a masterpiece of detail, context and large implications reverbrating till present.
I daresay this book is Siollun s best work yet An elegant account of Nigerian history, that is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the largest black nation.
Nigeria's Soldiers of Fortune: The Abacha and Obasanjo Years è I was sitting on a flight from Lagos to Abuja next to a co passenger who had a copy of this book Intrigued at the title, I asked permission to leaf through it 20 minutes later I was 40 pages deep and riveted at the thrilling manner in which the writer brought to life the many intrigues of Nigerian political history Max unearthed a lot of facts I didn t know and connected several dots and characters I didn t know were connected For example, I never realized that Fela s song International Thief Thief was a reference to MKO Abiola who worked for a company with the acronym ITT, hence International Thief ThiefAs the flight ended, I reluctantly returned the book to its owner but not without first obtaining an address for where I could purchase a copy for myself I eagerly went to the book store and got my copy As soon as I got a chance, I got back in and essentially did The Cataclysmic Decade That Is The Focus Of This Book, Nigeria Was Subject To Several Near Death Experiences These Began When The Country Nearly Tore Itself Apart After The Northern Led Military Government Annulled The Results Of APresidential Election Won By The Southerner Moshood Abiola, And Ended With Former Military Ruler General Olusegun Obasanjo Being The Unlikely Conduit Of Democracy This Mini History Of A Nation S Life Also Reflects On Three Mesmerising Protagonists Who Personified That Era First Up Is [ Max Siollun] ✓ Nigeria's Soldiers of Fortune: The Abacha and Obasanjo Years [mermaids PDF] read Online Ï Abiola The Multi Billionaire Businessman Who Had His Election Victory Voided By The Generals Who Made Him Rich, And Who Was Later Assassinated General Sani Abacha Was The Mysterious, Reclusive Ruler Under Whose Watch Abiola Was Arrested And Pro Democracy Activists Including Abiola S Wife Were Murdered He Also Oversaw A Terrifying Orwellian State Security Operation Although Abacha Is Today Reviled As A Tyrant, The Author Eschews Selective Amnesia, Reminding Nigerians That They Goaded Him Into Seizing Power The Third Protagonist Is Obasanjo, Who Emerged From Prison To Return To Power As An Elected Civilian Leader The Penumbra Of Military Rule Still Looms Over Nigeria Nearly Twenty Years After The Soldiers Departed, And Key Personalities Featured In This Book Remain In Government, Including The Current President

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