✓ Les Maîtres de vérité dans la Grèce archaïque ï Download by º Marcel Detienne

Acclaimed French Classicist Marcel Detienne S First Book Traces The Odyssey Of Truth, Aletheia, From Mytho Religious Concept To Philosophical Thought In Archaic Greece Detienne Begins By Examining How Truth In Greek Literature First Emerges As An Enigma He Then Looks At The Movement From A Religious To A Secular Thinking About Truth In The Speech Of The Sophists And Orators His Study Culminates With An original Interpretation Of Parmenides Poem On ✓ Les Maîtres de vérité dans la Grèce archaïque ï Download by º Marcel Detienne Being Detienne pursues an anthropology of the Greek notion of truth as it modulates from religious contexts into secular contexts The hunt is fascinating insofar as it traces the major shifts in Greek perception of authority Truth was the domain of the oracles and the prophets before it became the domain of philosophers and rhetoricians Particularly illuminating is Detienne s distinction between the purposeful ambiguity of the rhetoricians and the non contradiction techniques of the philosophers as well as his prescient for postmodern times demarcation between doxa opinion, notion and alatheia truth, particularly received truth The main failure rests in his tendency to insist upon strong dichotomies the break between alatheia and the choice of doxa was not so clean as Detienne presents it The tangled relationship between doxa and alatheia in Herodotus proves the difficulty of over

N kter pas e byly fakt inspirativn a etlo se to dob e Ale m sty je to prost neskute n ukecan Nav c mi vad p klady slov v alfabet bez transliterate  Les Maîtres de vérité dans la Grèce archaïque ↠´ original insight into the early philosophers Paints a good picture of the time.

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