ë iD Ö Download by À Madeline Ashby

It wasn t terrible, but I had to take off a half star for every really unsubtle Blade Runner reference So many So painful.
I love a book that kicks me in the head.
You know what I m talking about you open the first page, start reading, and some idea, some turn of phrase, something about the book rears back from the pages and smacks you in the skull, leaving you breathless and starry eyed and saying, Oh, wow for the next two hundred pages It s nice to have a comforting book, one that slowly pulls you in until you re in way over your head, but, every now and then, I need the kick, and iD by Madeline Ashby is chock full of it Disclosure I have made buttons with Madeline s words on them, much to our eventual consternation I have hung out with Madeline I would write all of this if I hadn t, cause her work is so bloody good iD is the sequel to SECOND MACHINE DYNASTY Javier Is A Self Replicating HumanoiD On A Journey Of Redemption Javier S Quest Takes Him From Amy S Island, Where His Actions Have Devastating Consequences For His Friend, Toward Mecha Where He Will Find Either Salvation Or Death File Under Science Fiction VN Island In The Streams Failsafe No More The Stepford ë iD Ö Download by À Madeline Ashby Solution Now Wait for it, wait for it.
We re all facing the goddamn robot apocalypse because some nerds didn t have the sack to ask a girl out That is just one taste of the fucking awesome iD is made up of It s also pretty much sums up really well what the story is about Not that it s about nerdy guys who can t approach women but that a lot of people are using the humanoids as an outlet for things they either can t, won t, or really shouldn t be doing with other people.
If you haven t already you need to read vN, which is the first book in The Machine Dynasty, you need to Madeline Ashby writes a world that is essentially a possible future for our world Robots have been developed by a religious group to be the companions for all those people that are going to be left behind once Armageddon or the Rapture comes So this group, New Eden, purposefully creates these robots for t It makes me sad that I have to give this one two stars, because I loved vN so much Realistically, its probably a two and half, but Goodreads doesn t give me that option so I ve gotta go with my gut here, and there wasn t a whole lot I liked about this book other than the initial premise While iD has a lot of what I loved about the first book in the series, it was muchdisorganized and just didn t hold my interest as well.
It s kind of funny that the thing that gives Amy her true personhood, her malfunctioned failsafe, is what makes her a muchalien character Javier on the other hand, still lacking a true sense of free will, is farvulnerable and should be muchrelatable But I don t know if it was because it made me anxious to be seeing things from the point of view of someone so oppressed and marginilized as Javier, but I just really craved Amy s p I really enjoyed the first book, vN, but this one didn t work for me Doesn t help that this has a different POV Javier, rather than Amy The author s saiD iD is like her version of a James Bond story complete with casinos, cocktails, and a supervillain But I just couldn t connect with the story, or the characters.
Book 3, reV, is due out late in 2015 Hopefully it s an improvement upon this installment.
Î iD Ì In vN , Madeline Ashby provides a refreshing take on the idea of robots on the run She tries to bottle lightning a second time in iD and she succeeds The second Machine Dynasty novel raises the stakes and allows Ashby a chance to explore both the backstory and future of this world where Asimovian robots have been reified It s not quite a full on apocalypse, but the world appears to be holding its breath.
I m going to assert that you needn t have read vN to read iD and, if you read this one, you could still read vN without that story being too spoiled I read vN almost exactly two years ago, and consequently I remembered very little when I started in on this book Ashby, to her credit, spends very little time on a recap or exposition but this assumed familiarity will be a help

5 stars.
I couldn t really get into this book, even though I really like the first book vN The book is full of action and things blow up and people and robots die, but the story didn t feel as coherent I liked the overall concept and the best thing about this book is the fluidity that Ashby moves in between human and android, male, female, and not just quite in between.
The ending ties everything up and feels a bit too miraculous everything is ok at least for a little while.
I ll read the next book, reV, slated to come out early 2019 Any prospective readers should start on Book 1 vN to really get what s going on.
Disturbing, fairly nuts, and good for pushing buttons The whole robot angle is a side issue Most of this novel has a lot of sociopathy and exploration of emotional triggers as its main focus It helps that there s institutionalized pedophilia that s all right because it s just robots Yuck.
But that s not even the main focus, either.
It s Javier s PoV It s a rather wild journey, literally swinging every which way, eventually becoming a quest to redeem himself That was all kinds of all right This book was definitely better than the previous, but there was still something about it that was off And it wasn t just the ick factor That was explainable by the general theme of the novel It had a place It was an ugly place, but it had a place.
The things people do to people Especially we downgrade them into robots that are just hardware Good point 3 3.
5 stars, I think, mostly because like with book one, the ending epilogue confused me somewhat I liked how Javier dealt with his emotions and situations Though, if certain things had happened in this book, Javier would not have had to run all over the country trying to fix the initial situation.
And now we have a rather dire situation coming up in book three, after all the setup in this book.

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