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Specialists Are Five Ex Soldiers, All Trained In Jungle Warfare, Each With A Deadly Specialty As Civilians They Lead Inconspicuous Lives Until The Colonel Sends For Them Then Their Job Is To Find And Eliminate The Worst Kind Of Criminal Those Who Hurt The Innocent Those The Law Cannot Trailer ↠´ The Specialists PDF by ¾ Lawrence Block Touch I couldn t help liking this book It s fast paced, with wildly implausible action scenes and tongue in cheek humor I particularly liked the part where one of the commandos would tape a knife to his leg and then sneak up behind someone, remove the knife quiety, and kill him Really How does the intended victim not hear you ripping duct tape off your leg I realize this book is deeply silly on many levels But it s like watching a James Bond movie from the 70 s Yes, the plot barely makes sense And yes, the characters are littlethan cardboard cutouts But you still can t turn away because it s so much fun seeing what comes next One interesting twist in this story was that the good guys were arguably morally worse than the bad guys In fact, throughout the book, the menacing gangsters never actually killed anyone Oh, they threatened and they beat a few people up, but nothi I gave this two stars, not because it was bad, but because it was not one of Lawrence Block s best and I know he can do better.
This story of counter crime criminals sort of like the A Team is actually too dang short It s not often I say that Usually I m all for trimming some of the fat However, Specialists is an ensemble piece that needs time to develop or at least relate a bit of each character s backstory At 160 pages, it s just not enough time I felt like Block was still rounding everybody out two thirds of the way through The action dragsthan it should for so few pages I mean, you ve got gamblers and hookers and mob type guys all doing their thing, while paramilitary operatives set up bank heists Hell,

Not one of Block s better efforts, but even his not so good novels are entertaining at times From the description I thought it would be better than it was It read like a lost script of the A Team Maybe that s where they got the idea for the show.
I always enjoy the writing of Lawrence Block, and this was no exception.
originally written in 1969 and now available as an ebook, this delightful book was a fun read and a good story.
Set in the late 60 s it has the feel of an older story.
no internet go to the library for resources no cell phones, etc.
fun Veterans trying to to make things right when bad guys make things go wrong.
interesting characters, with a good back story, some fun, some great story points the pretend tree surgeons, setting up a reference in a cute way with a sweet woman.
This is lite reading,easy going and uncomplicated Enjoy.
At the end is an afterwards about the story and how this as going to be a series and then became a series of one book Too bad, would have enjoyed .
Bonus feature photos of L Block at the end.
nice touch

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