Ð HUNKY DORY (WHO KNEW?): The best I can remember from twenty years at the heart of '60s and '70s rock and pop ¸ Download by Ð Laurence Myers

This is a joyful book full of antidotes from the inside of music industry in the 60 s 70 s at a time when there were only four Major record and publishing companies who controlled everything Laurence, a pioneer, helped to change all that and he gives a fascinating insight of how it all worked and how it has enabled today s artists to control their own futures He also has many stories to tell , with great humour, about the famous and the infamous he has met and looked after in his other career in films and theatre production When asked what it was like to be in the middle of this exciting revolution he replies Who knew And how was he to know that one day he would write a book about his life and to have been involved with some of the greatest artist s of his generation Fascinating.
Written with great humility and humour Hunky Dory is a brilliantly related account of an amazing career.
Laurence Myers clearly had a hugely influential part to play in the formation of the post war pop music scene.
Essential reading for anyone involved in the music industry, past and present I opened the book and could not put it down until I had finished it A riveting, entertaining and witty book The book is full of interesting anecdotes about very many household names After reading the book you feel that Laurence Myers is somebody with whom you would like to have dinner I am sure he has many other interesting stories to tell Is there anybody else in the music industry who can claim at various times to have represented the Beatles,the Stones, David Bowie and many other household names His feet seem to have always been firmly on the ground and to have perfectly balanced his life between business and family John G

This book is a treasure trove of great anecdotes and facts surrounding the development of the music scene and record industry in the 1970 s by a man who was there in the centre of of it all This was my era as a teenager and the author Laurence Myers was involved in so many aspects of the recording artists, producers which made the music which I love and which is now seen by many as a classic period in Popular Music So much of the music I grew up with may never have actually happened had it not been for his involvement But the book is written in a very humorous way, he has a very easy going ,warm, laid back style, like he is talking to you There is absolutely no ego here at all which is amazing considering the influence he had and continues to have in the arts It is a great read and easy to digest even for a Dyslexic like me Very Ç HUNKY DORY (WHO KNEW?): The best I can remember from twenty years at the heart of '60s and '70s rock and pop Ê What a great read Fascinating insight into the entrepreneurs who were so influential in developing the thriving popular music scene in the UK Full of colourful characters and the ups and downs of one of the dynamic individuals who got us the fantastic music legacy we have today Couldn t put it down Who knew is such an apt sub title in this reflection on Laurence Myers wonderfully eclectic career, shaping and not shaping the careers of some of the world s greatest musicians.
Essential reading for anyone with an interest in machinations of the entertainment industry at it s creative height and with anecdotes written in a humorous and self deprecating style that makes it such an easy read.
Make sure it s on your Christmas list Really interesting stories from someone at the core of a lot of music rock and roll history Easy read Funny and informative A lot of stories here about my Bowie and the rolling stones that I didn t know of And I m a big fan of those guys Enjoyable.
A STORY WHAT A LIFE A FASCINATING MEMOIR FROM A LEGENDARY MUSIC BUSINESS EXECUTIVE WHO Signed The Little Known David Bowie Owned The Hunky Dory And Ziggy Stardust Albums Looked After The The Rolling Stones Helped Reorganise The Beatles Apple Corp Worked With Mickie Most On The Animals, Herman S Hermits, Donovan, Jeff Beck, And Lulu Managed The Tremeloes, The New Seekers, And The Sweet Masterminded A Landmark Court Case That Disrupted Music Publishers Exploiting Songwriters Including Elton John Started GTO Records, The Company That Ð HUNKY DORY (WHO KNEW?): The best I can remember from twenty years at the heart of '60s and '70s rock and pop ¸ Download by Ð Laurence Myers Signed Donna Summer, Billy Ocean, The Walker Brothers And Heatwave AND WHO Had Dinner With John Lennon Tea With Colonel Parker Left Led Zeppelin S Cash In A Safe And Lost The Key Threw Rod Stewart Out Of His Office Turned Down Chances To Manage Queen And Andrea Bocelli Almost Tempted Stevie Wonder Away From Motown And Foolishly Allowed Iggy Pop To Stay In His House WHO KNEW

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