[Lauraine Snelling] Î Opal (Dakotah Treasures) [world-of-warcraft PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î coinfetti.co

Great series Enjoyed every minute Predictable but still loved it.
I love this book So great Even though I haven t read the first two in the series, I still found it amazing, as per normal with Lauraine Snelling I m really liking this series This book is well written, clean, romantic, and adventurous I will definitely readfrom this author Theses are set in the 1800 s The characters are very lovable, and relatable I would love my teen daughters to read these.
This book is the 3rd adaption in the Dakotah Treasures series It was the most adventurous one in the series I really love Opal s character but was somewhat hoping for a different ending, but the ending was good nevertheless.
I liked the story but didn t realize there was a 4th book in the series so I didn t like the ending.

Not as good as the first two, but will be looking to read the fourth book in hopes that it brings some closure to what was left hanging in this book.
à Opal (Dakotah Treasures) Ç Great series Enjoyable read Much left unfinished, so will need to read 4 in the series.
I was disappointed I have really gotten into these characters and was looking forward to Opal s happy ending There was no ending The author left you hanging and just went on and on through a lot of day to day events without ever getting to a conclusion I m not sure whether to bother with book 4 or not.
The Bestselling Dakotah Treasures Series Dove House Has Burned To The Ground, Ruby And Rand Have Married, And Now Rand S Ranch Is Home For Them All Ruby S Younger Sister, Opal, Is Taking To Ranch Life Like A Hummingbird To Sugar Water She Can Outshoot, Outride, And Work As Hard As Any Cowboy On The Place Ranching Has Clearly Stolen Her Heart When A Young Minister Arrives From The East, He Is Amazed To Find Himself [Lauraine Snelling] Î Opal (Dakotah Treasures) [world-of-warcraft PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î Falling In Love With Opal, Even Though She Is Not A Woman Anyone Would Think Of As A Pastor S Wife But When God Takes Hold Of A Heart, He Can Work Amazing Miracles, And Jacob Chandler Just Might Be The One To Eventually Woo Her Away From The Ranch

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