Download Epub Format ï Austerity PDF by È Kerry-Anne Mendoza

A must read Want to know how we make the rich richer read this book and find the answer to this question and manyyou are not supposed to know or understand.
Every adult from all walks of life must read this book to realise that if action is not taken against the corporations of the greedy elite the rest of the World s population will eventually drop into a state of de civilization The frightening thing about this book is that its author, Kerry Mendoza, proves in her writing and research that populations have been sleep walking into the state of de civilization since 1944 when global elites came together in Bretton Woods to hatch a devastating plan to make sure corporations would finally take over everything that democratic governments provide for the safety of a nation s people She points out vividly all that has happened through out history and what is currently happening to ensure all safety nets for society that had been created through the hard work and suffering of our forefathers is sy A readable, concise and timely book, which puts the neoliberal project in its historical context and highlights the appalling consequences in terms of inequality, damage to welfare and declining social mobility Other comments refer to the impassioned tone and lack of academic depth so what The time for pondering these issues over the smoked salmon and canapes is long past suffering is widespread among our countrymen women and the majority need to wake up to it before it s too late Mendoza rightly highlights the erosion of hard won civil liberties in tandem with the expose of economic cruelties She clearly points out that our democratic rights were not handed to us on a plate by our erstwhile masters but were wrested from their clutches by collective action Wake up ç Austerity ç This should be taught in schools and shouted from the rooftops until everyone understands the freedoms and rights that are being eroded as fast as the ice is being lost from the poles We are sleepwalking into global fascism and the view is terrifying read this book and open your eyes.

OK it does seem to be written from a left wing perspective, however with its title I guess it should be Ms Mendoza has summarised in her book my entire life s beliefs on capitalism I found it easy to read and very informative It could be argued to be a bit layman however I don t mind that She has done her research and I for one am grateful she has enlightened me on a number of issues I was in ignorance of It should be on everyone s shelf Kerry Anne makes it clear See how the banks magic up 97% of all money, lend this non existent money for housing, so we payback in charges, so that the rich get richer, and no money is ever generated It s magic read about how exhorbitant PFI loans are crippling the NHS, and handing it over to private finance read how only Corbyn can save us from the Austerity trap which, with every industry that collpases, we can never earn our way out of Kerry Anne Mendoza is a great writer.
This book is essential reading for anyone withthan a passing interest in the politics of the left It is powerful and compelling, exposing the myth of Austerity policy, pointing out the careful construction of economic scapegoats and highlighting the rabid injustices inflicted on the British people and others abroad by the neo liberal consensus.
This book is quite openly Corbynist If that bothers you, you should read it anyway Buy the book, then buy it for everyone you know.
The Last Five Years, Britain Has Been Under The Hammer Of Austerity In Its Name, Wages Have Been Frozen, Benefits Have Been Slashed And Public Spending Squeezed The Pain Of A Financial Crisis Caused By Bankers And Speculators Has Been Borne By Ordinary People All Over The Country And By The Poor And Disabled Most Of All Yet This Has Not Been Born Of Necessity, Argues Kerry AnneMendoza, Better Known As The Blogger Scriptonite Rather, It Has Been An Opportunity Download Epub Format ï Austerity PDF by È Kerry-Anne Mendoza Seized Upon By Neoliberals To Pursue Their Decades Long Project To Shrink Government And Privatise Resources

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