ò The Mortal Heart (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories, #1) Æ Download by Û Kami Garcia

5Quite rushed and I want I ve been wanting to read about Lila since we got to learn about her i actually no longer enjoy beautiful creatures but I might actually get this I won t lie, i was really glad to go back to Gatlin I liked the idea of those novella about the background stories of some characters in the main series I enjoyed learning about Lila and Macon but i wished we hadto read, their love story was too short lived for my taste considering Macon is kind of still pinning for her Overall it was a great novella and i m already looking forward to the next one, my only hope is that when it s over they ll do a print version of all the novellas together

I m not sure if this actually added anything to the story or not.
Oh how I missed Macon Ravenwood.
rating 3.
5 5review to come.
º The Mortal Heart (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories, #1) º I really enjoyed this flashback story to when Lila and Macon first meet Interesting to see how much Ethan is like his mother, Lila I wish there werepages In Gatlin Has A StoryBefore She Met And Married Mitchell Wate, The Beautiful And Brilliant Lila Jane Evers Was An Honors Student At Duke University Studying Late Into The Night In The Rare books Library, She Is Captivated By A Single Line Of Text On An Old Piece Of Parchment In The Light There Is Dark, And In The Dark There Is Light What Can It Mean Then One Night, Lila Jane Meets A Mysterious Young Man Who ò The Mortal Heart (Beautiful Creatures: The Untold Stories, #1) Æ Download by Û Kami Garcia May Have The Answer His Name Is Macon Ravenwood, And For Every Secret He Reveals, He Is Hiding Another With Macon S Help, Lila Jane Uncovers The Wonders Of The Caster World The Light And The Dark But A Romance Between The Incubus Who Is Fighting His Own Dark Side And This Fiercely Independent Mortal Is Doomed From The Start The Closer Lila Jane And Macon Become, The Her Life Is In DangerDiscover The Unforgettable And Untold Story Of How Lila And Macon Fell In Love In This All New Beautiful Creatures Novella FromNew York Times Bestselling Authors Kami Garcia And Margaret Stohl See At Short ReviewWhen it comes to The Caster Chronicles I have a love hate relationship with the series I m not a fan of Ethan Lena, but I m a huge fan of Macon Lila This is their story, and it was awful.
It s like the authors forgot how dimensional Macon is as a character, and decided that Lila Jane Evers Wate is like any other YA generic heroine She comes off as a Mary Sue, when she shouldn t This story was Sappy Sappy Sappy JUST NO.
There was no moral dilemma even on Macon s pov There was no reason for Lila to throw her life the way she did based on what we found out from this story It wasn t believable It wasn t earned THEY DESERVE BETTER The authors have lost it Really They have They ve lost what made them somewhat decent writers, but they just don t have it any They can t write their characters the way they should be written at this stage in their life Lila was super one dimensiona I found the entire Beautiful Creatures series thanks to the movie And this adventure that the authors have now taken their readers on with the back stories of certain characters is brilliant I love knowingabout Lilia and Macon Macon to me was such a powerful character to begin with and I had loved the quirks of Lilia s bookmarks being anything she had close at hand, before the advent of e books I was guilty of the same behavior I recommend everything I have ever read by these women and this short is no less as brilliant

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