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This was a very exciting book if you are a person who always read love and relations story then this is not for you.
this was a pure hunting story of a demon cheetah.
the story is real.
it was sooo interesting that once u start reading u find it difficult to close the book.
it was so thrilling on every page.
a complete adventures pack.
even for today this can be made a movie.
the main story is one man eating cheetah killed by a British officer.
ha haa but believe me in the course of reading it triggers your imagination level one step higher.
and also it provides lot of information about animal lifestyle and forests.
and people at that time.
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Narration of story is awesome and Of course curiosity remains till the death of Narabhakshaka.
Ý Rudraprayagada Narabhakshaka Chirate ✓ Spinechilling!!! The fact that this is a true story is almost unbelievable.
I can only imagine the plight of the people during this period.
Fear creeps upon as you keep reading.
Great narration, equally terrifying story! This book is about the constant battle between the hunter , Jim carbet who comes to Rudraprayag to kill the cheetah that had eaten many humans around and created terror in the whole nation with its smartness that is unusual in other cheetahs.
The involvement of people in the villages around in killing cheetah, the hunting skills of jim carbet and the effort it takes to get to know the cheetah's unbelievable attacks is put very well.
More importantly in the end the death of cheetah brings equal sadness as much as it was a great relief to the villagers.
A tale of a maneating leopard also about the human intolerance towards other living creatures.

Good One of the most terrifying books I have ever read.
I couldn't sleep properly for days after reading this.
The story it self is very gripping and in the hands of Tejaswi the book comes out as superb.
The fact that everything written in the book is a real life event makes it even more terrifying.
Can't at all believe its a true story.
It's hard to decide where to place it.
Either Adventure or Thriller or Horror.
In the end, for me its horror.
Well paced.
The writer makes you feel every single moment, every ounce of air you breath, every second you spend, with horror.
The book is really scary in the first place.
And you don't come across a book of this kind daily.
Goosebumps and fright will be the related words.
Actually I was really frightened to sleep alone at night after starting to read this.
All together it stands apart from the crowd.

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