↠´ The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis Í Download by ↠´ James Rickards

I m a retired, educated professional who s always had a layman s interest in and exposure to the field of economics I ve read Rickards other books and followed him on Twitter for years I like his logic, insights and clear explanations.
The cover jacket for this book states The most potent form of protection is to arm yourself with knowledge That s true I read Road to Ruin hoping to 1 identify and understand threats and 2 identify practical steps to protect my large family.
I find Jim Rickards to be a gifted teacher he successfully explains numerous complicated concepts in layman terms Thanks to his writings in this particular book, I feel I have a basic working knowledge of some troubling issues that may very well threaten the long term success of not just my own family, but America in general.
This book met the first part of my goal understanding and iden Presents The Unabridged Downloadable Audiobook Of The Road To Ruin, Written And read By James Rickards The Best Selling Author Of The Death Of Money On How Investors Can Prepare For The Next Financial Panic And Why It S Coming Sooner Than You Think The Global Economy Has Made What Seems Like An Incredible Comeback After The Financial Crisis OfYet This Comeback Is Artificial Central Banks Have Propped Up Markets By Keeping Interest Rates Low And The Supply Of Money Free ↠´ The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis Í Download by ↠´ James Rickards Flowing They Won T Bail Us Out Again Next Time And There Will Be A Next Timesoon In The Road To Ruin, Best Selling Author James Rickards Identifies How Governments Around The World Are Secretly Preparing An Alternative Strategy For The Next Big Crisis A Lockdown Instead Of Printing Money To Reliquify Markets And Prop Up Assets, Governments Are Preparing To Close Banks, Shut Down Exchanges And Order Powerful Asset Managers Not To Sell They Re Putting Provisions In Place That Will Allow Them To Do So Legally What S , The Global Elite Has Already Started Making Their Own Preparations, Including Hoarding Cash And Hard Assets When The Next One Comes, It Will Be The Average Investor Who Suffers Most Unless He Or She Heeds Rickards Warning And Prepares Accordingly James Rickards Is The Best Selling Author Of Currency Wars And The Death Of Money He Is A Portfolio Manager At West Shore Group And An Adviser On International Economics And Financial Threats To The Department Of Defence And The US Intelligence Community He Served As Facilitator Of The First Ever Financial War Games Conducted By The Pentagon Das wohl derzeit spannendste Wirtschafts und Finanzbuch auf dem Mark Der Autor arbeitet dabei nach den Forschungsprinzipien des verstorbenen Bankers Felix Somary Somary wandte damals schon die Bayesianischen Statistikmodelle an und verband diese.
mit der von Schumpeter favorisierten historisch kulturellen Methode Das Resultat waren unglaublich pr zise rechtzeitige Voraussagen der kommenden Ereignisse durch Somary wie dem Ersten Weltkrieg, der Inflation mit B rsencrash s und dem Zweiten Weltkrieg Rickards neues Werk geht von der Unvermeidlichkeit der n chsten globalen Finanzkrise aus, die von unseren Eliten gezielt ausgel st und ausgen tzt werden wird Dazu bringt er konkrete Handlungstipps f r die B rger um sich entsprechend vorbereiten zu k nnen Die n chste Kries wird nicht so auf den ersten Blick glimpflich ausgehen wie die K Hard for me at age 65 to take any action as is obviously needed after reading this book.
I m a Boomer who was convinced from my teenage years, the world wouldn t last long enough to bother with planning for retirement I was 56 before I realized that after paying off my kids student loans, I had some serious catching up to do.
With 2009 I lost my condo I d intended for my retirement Then went my career after a motorcycle accident, ending up on Disability, followed by a bankruptcy.
All I have now is low 5 figures in savings, my only income is a small pension Social Security All of this is at risk, no gold or land owned in full Where from here All I can surmise, if I live long enough, is to join my fellow, former middle class retirees in a mandatory government run warehouse for the nonproductive elderly This might be a best case scenario.
I don t know ð The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites' Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis ☆ As an economist and financial adviser, I was prepared to be highly critical of James Rickards latest book Instead, I found myself annotating it heavily and reread it immediately after finishing it There may be a littledetail in some parts than the explication really needed, but I found myself nodding in agreement rather than shaking my head It s not a conspiratorial book as some reviewers have alleged Rickards speaks of elites, but as an amorphous group bound together by shared goals rather than as a dark organization dedicated to evil His analysis of the Long Term Capital Management LTCM debacle is fascinating, since he was working there at the time His discussion of complexity theory applied to financial markets is the best I ve seen on the topic His

Dieses Buch wird mal ein Standardwerk der Finanzwelt werden, aber natrlich erst nach dem groen Crash.
Hier packt ein Insider aus der auch den 2008 2009er Finanzwahnsinn inkl Rettungsschirm mitverhandelt hat.
Faszinierend und erschreckend zugleich Den allermeisten Menschen sind die Zusammenh nge und Konsequenzen berhaupt nicht bewusst und so wird der Schock um so gr er sein.

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