í Tempted At Midnight ¼ Download by ↠´ Jacquie D'Alessandro

A Desperate Beauty Concocts A Perfectly Outrageous Scheme For Success And Not Only Attracts The Attention Of The Ladies Literary Society Of London, But Also The Last Man She D Ever Expect To TemptLady Emily Stapleford Never Dreamed That The Burden Of Saving Her Family From Financial Ruin Would Rest On Her Lovely, Resourceful Shoulders Since She Is Only Willing To Marry For Love, Money, Emily Pens A Story She Hopes Will Bring Her Fortune Only To Have It Rejected By Every Publishing Firm After í Tempted At Midnight ¼ Download by ↠´ Jacquie D'Alessandro All, What Respectable Reader Would Dare Embrace A Vampire Heroine Not To Be Dissuaded, Emily Decides To Create Public Interest With A Vampire Pretense Overnight, London Is Abuzz With Stories About Sightings With New Interest In Emily S Book, She S Guaranteed Success If It Weren T For The Mysterious American, Logan Jennsen He S Onto Emily S Duplicity, And He Has Every Intention Of Using This Knowledge To His Advantage If Only He Weren T Falling In Love With This Unabashedly Creative Female And If Only He Didn T Have A Scandalous Secret Of His Own One That S Putting Both Their Lives In Danger 3.
5 y quiz s un poquito m s Conoc la serie con la tercera entrega, pero definitivamente Emily y Logan son mis favoritos Y aunque la f rmula funciona bien, el componente misterioso est bastante desdibujado y lleva a que la novela flojee un poco Sin embargo, el sentido del humor, el sarcasmo y la qu mica entre los dos protagonistas logran que nos olvidemos de lo malo y disfrutemos de la historia.
Fourth and final book of a quartet I loved the first book, liked the second, DNF the third, and found this fourth a disappointment.
The hero Logan was introduced 4 bks ago in NEVER A LADY and has been thrown at several of the previous heroines, only to end up a loser Sad to say, his romance with Lady Emily was not worth the wait.
I dont usually like humorous books since humor is so subject but found JD s books charming and winsome However, the JD charm failed to weave its magic here Without it, I was very annoyed with the anachronisms and the IN sane amount of interior monologue that the H H both engaged in.
Wanted to give this book 2 Stars since it took 2 weeks for me to read but it did get slightly better toward the end.
Fourth Book in the MAYHEM IN MAYFAIR installment Emily Stapleford s family are in financial ruin she has to marry money to help them Emily wants to marry for love and has a plan to get money by being an author So she writes a vampire story and in order to get the ton interested and get it published she dons fangs cape etc and scares people at a ball American Logan Jennson is filthy rich and can t forget the kiss Emily and he shared months back a kiss that Emily instigated, but now he is being followed and knows he is in danger He enlists the help of his friend Gideon While Emily and himself are sorting out their feelings for each other,his pursuer tries to hurt Emily to get to Logan.
I really enjoyed this book but have to say BOTHERATION THIS WAS HORRIBLE.
The ratings led me astray.
I know we all get in a funk sometimes, I look to these wonderful fluffy books to give my mind some time to restore itself after a heavy series and or read BUT OH MY This was definitely not what I was looking for.
The number of time Ms D Alessandro mentions Emily s damned lips drove me absolutely BONKERS About half way through the book I started skimming the inner thoughts of these silly characters and just started focusing on the dialogue to speed things along Not to mention if I read about Emily s moist, kiss swollen lips for the fiftieth time I was going to throw the retched thing out the window Get my point Lets keep this brief, since I ve already ranted.
Our lady savior, Emily, is a wonderfully, absolutely, deeeeeee lightful young woman with a mysteri 3,5 En los ltimos meses me ha dado por hacerme con las novelas de Jacquie D Alessandro y Mascarada, que ha sido reeditada este verano por Ediciones B, ha sido la ltima incorporaci n Nos encontramos ante una novela sencilla, tradicional y bien trabajada No hay lugar para las sorpresas, pero s para el entretenimiento y la diversi n, y con eso me ha dado por satisfecha.
Rese a ☆ Tempted At Midnight ↠´ Tempted At MidnightWritten By Jacquie D AlessandroPublished By The Berkley Publishing Group, 2009, First Edition, 336 pages, paperbackISBN 978 0425226995Tempted At Midnight is an adventurous, fast paced, Regency era romance with a modern twist vampires Now before you start thinking that its cheesy, I can assure you that it is only a ruse it is just Emily s way to try to save her family from financial ruin I can t explain how it all works because I don t what to ruin the story, but suffice it to say that all does not go as planned This entertaining love story has various plot twists and a fascinating, in depth plot The internal dialog sometimes seems too heavy but I believe that it is to give the reader the necessary back story and helps move the story forward The love scenes are so Please follow the link to read the whole review Jacquie D Alessandro charmed my socks off with Tempted At Midnight The story holds a twist, in that it s the heroine s family instead of the hero s that s penniless and is in need of new funds to replenish their coffers The author s writing style also made this an easy and exciting read I totally couldn t wait to learn how Emily s and Logan s romance would progress, and this kept me turning the pages Oh, and midnight did play an important part in the story Butthan the characters per se, it s their interactions with one another that truly made this an unforgettable and charming and enchanting story for me.
Reviewed by Shana for The Raving ReadersFull Review A very lighthearted historical romance from Jacquie D Alessandro, Tempted At Midnight is the final book in her Literary Ladies Reading Circle series Four women who use an innocuous group title to read salacious storiessound familiar my friends Of course, we have it easy today compared with the daring of these four women Emily can t quite believe it Her family teeters on the brink of financial ruin Now they are looking to Emily herself to make a good match, meaning marry money, to save the rest of the family All Emily ever wanted was to marry for love So she concocts a brilliant idea She ll write a smashingly successful lady vampire novel, and use the proceeds to save her family The only problem is, none of the publishers seem interested Well then, Emily will make sure all the ton can talk about is a vampi I almost didn t finish this one because the hero heroine spent a good chunk of the book looking for reasons to dislike each other, to the point that it got annoying I have to admit that I thought the whole female vampire ruse was kind of lame, too But hoo boy, can Jacquie D Alessandro write a steamy love scene that ll make you tingle The ending made up for the characters earlier stupidity, and I m glad I read it because I had been looking forward to Logan Jennsen s story since he was introduced in earlier books.

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