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MinsFrom TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of Ghost Soldiers And In The Kingdom Of Ice, A Chronicle Of The Extraordinary Feats Of Heroism By Marines Called On To Do The Impossible During The Greatest Battle Of The Korean WarOn October The Vainglorious General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander Of UN Troops In Korea, Convinced President Harry Truman That The Communist Forces Would Be Utterly Defeated By Thanksgiving The Chinese, He Said With Near Certainty, Would Not Intervene In The WarAs He Was Speaking [Hampton Sides] ↠´ On Desperate Ground: The Marines at The Reservoir, the Korean War's Greatest Battle [thriller PDF] read Online Í Chinese Soldiers Began Crossing The Border Led By The , Men Of The St Marine Division, The Americans Moved Far North Into The Trap Mao Had Set For The Arrogant MacArthur At The Chosin Reservoir What Followed Was One Of The Most Heroic And Harrowing Operations In American Military History Faced With Annihilation, And Temperatures Plunging To Degrees Below Zero, The Surrounded Marines Fought Through The Enemy Forces With Ferocity, Ingenuity And Nearly Unimaginable CourageHampton Sides S Superb Account Of The Battle Relies On Years Of Archival Research And Interviews With Scores Of Marines And Koreans Who Survived The Siege While Expertly Chronicling The Follies Of The American Leaders, This Is An Immediate, Grunt S Eye View Of History, Enthralling In Its Narrative Pace And Powerful In Its Portrayal Of What Ordinary Men Are Capable Of In The Most Extreme Circumstances Hampton Sides latest book, ON DESPERATE GROUND THE MARINES AT THE RESERVOIR, THE KOREAN WAR S GREATEST BATTLE has met, or even surpassed the high standards for excellent narrative history that he has set in his previous works The book is based on extensive interviews, memoirs, command of secondary sources, and the ability to place the reader along side historical decision makers and the soldiers who carried out their orders Whether Sides is writing about James Earl Ray and the assassination of Martin Luther King the last survivors of the Bataan Death March a biography of Kit Carson or the late 19th century voyage of the USS Jeanette to the unchartered Artic waters, he tells his stories with uncanny historical accuracy and incisive analysis.
In his current effort Side A Chinese soldier, armed with a rifle, climbed onto the bed of the truck He came to the first man, leveled the barrel between his eyes, and fired He moved on to the next Then the next Ed Reeves sat up, half out of his sleeping bag, and watched as though it were movie He didn t know any of these Americans especially well he d just shared the bed of a truck with them for a day and a half but he was in awe of them They didn t beg or cry they didn t utter so much as a whimper They looked their executioner in the eye and died with dignity When the barrel slid over to Reeves, he felt strangely at peace His eyes followed the smooth metal until they found the eyes of the soldier Reeves did not see malice in them He was a kid, following horrib

What a treat to have Sides create a narrative for us on a tough job our soldiers had in Korea and gather in some lessons relevant to our precarious position today in that part of the world I ve had nothing but 5 star reads with this talented storyteller and history sleuth, and this one continues that tradition His major focus here is on a critical campaign that almost started World War 3, namely MacArthur s initiative after landing at Inchon and retaking Seoul to invade North Korea and win the war with a drive to the Yalu River boundary with China This triggered People s Republic of China s deployment of than 200,000 troops across the Manchurian border About 120,000 of these soldiers surrounded the 20 thousand or so American Marine and Army troops around the Choisin Reservoir properly Changjin These men ha On Desperate Ground The Marines at The Reservoir, the Korean War s Greatest Battle by Hampton Sides is the history of one of the greatest stories to come out of the Korean War Sides is an American historian, author, and journalist He is the author of Americana, Hellhound on His Trail, Ghost Soldiers, Blood and Thunder, and other bestselling works of narrative history and literary non fiction.
The Korean War is America s forgotten war, and the heroics that took place in the war are often overlooked Marines, however, do remember the events from the landing at Inchon to the evacuation at Chosin Perhaps the Marine Corps most celebrated and most iconic leader Colonel Chesty Puller Puller and the Marines left no man behind as they fought their way out of being surrounde

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