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Is Routinely Overlooked, Manipulated, And Oversimplified In Scandalous Obligation, Eric Severson Explores The Scope Of Christian Responsibility This Book Delves Into The Slippery Nature Of Obligation, The Dilemma Of Competing Calls For Justice, And The Perilous Temptation To Dismiss Or Avoid Responsibility Using Examples From Popular Culture Severson Casts An Expansive And Often Daunting Vision Of Responsibility That Challenges The Status QuoThis Book Presses Readers To Consider The Many Complications That Arise When Christians Begin To Understand The Extent Of Their Á read ò Scandalous Obligation by Eric Severson ↠´ Responsibility For The Suffering That Abounds In The World It Explores How Christians Are To Turn This Approach To Responsibility Toward The Clouds Of Injustice And Pain That Hang Over Our World Today ✓ Scandalous Obligation â Written by one of my favorite undergrad professors ethics

Severson, what a writer Whoa.
This is a stunning book This quote sums it up for me In religion, the question of responsibility has too often been reduced to a game whose goal is to figure out how to secure divine approval In such a contest, one s neighbor becomes profoundly secondary to the concept of obligation I highly recommend this.

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