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Powerful emotional truthfulness and unforgettable narrative Brilliant novel Olive was aware of ludicrous behaviors unspeakable things spoken but what she did not understand is why she and her son, Christopher should walk into old age with a high and horrible wall between them Olive could be blunt, forthright, frank, and candid She had strong opinions and judgements she hated people who were late.
etc I happened to feel as strong as Olive did about a scene at a baby shower A third gift was presented to Marlene s daughter, and Olive distinctly felt distress She could not imagine how long it would take this child to unwrap every goddamn gift on the table and put the ribbons so carefully on the goddamn paper plate, and then everyone had to wait wait while every gift was passed aro In a knot, in a knot Scrunching, twisting, sighing instead of hopping on my pogo stick It just didn t do me like the last one did sung in a bluesy voice Oh, this book is good, very good, a 4 star read in fact, and it s sitting on my 2019 Runners Up shelf as nice and happy as it can be So it s nuts to sound so disappointed It s just that the magic wasn t there like it was in Olive Kitteridge, the moments when the words and the sentences dance in my head and turn me into a crazed pogo sticker Maybe it s just me My expectations were high as the sky, and I should have followed my mantra and lowered them We all know that Olive Kitteridge is an insanely hard act to follow Man, I must stop this Stop complaining and just talk about all the good Olive, oh Olive She s so vivid and co Introspection Olive, Again is a novel that is boldly observant, honest and searches for apperception The story of the indomitable Olive Kitteridge follows on two years after her husband Henry s death Olive is a littleintrospective on how she as a person, her behaviour and relationships have transpired as she ages into her eighties, especially as she experiences loss and loneliness Two years after Henry s death, Olive starts a relationship with Jack Kennison, which is touching and meaningful Jack is also a widower with some history, where an unfortunate affair and dubious sexual assault claim with a colleague ended his career as a Professor at Harvard University Jack s relationship with Olive develops and while it creates new possibilit 4.
5 stars, rounded upElizabeth Strout is just a fabulous writer Her ability to weave together a diverse group of characters always fascinates me Her books are a blend between short stories and a novel While I m not a fan of short stories, her books always work for me, the way each chapter links to the next in its own weird way Olive, Again returns us to Crosby, Maine Olive and her cronies are now in their 70s and looking back on their lives as much as forward I felt an alliance with Olive She s not tactful, although she s trying harder And she s not at ease She struggles to find common ground with her own son, let alone his wife and their children As she moves through her old age, she finds a way to make things work She becomesaccepting I saw both myself and my parents reflected in Olive s efforts to navigate the whole aging process Strout makes eve New York Times Bestselling Author And Pulitzer Prize Winner Elizabeth Strout Continues The Life Of Her Beloved Olive Kitteridge, A Character Who Has Captured The Imaginations Of Millions Of ReadersPrickly, Wry, Resistant To Change Yet Ruthlessly Honest And Deeply Empathetic, Olive Kitteridge Is A Compelling Life Force San Francisco Chronicle The New Yorker Has Said That Elizabeth Strout Animates The Ordinary With An Astonishing Force, And She Has Never Done So Clearly Than In These Pages, Where The [ Pdf Olive, Again ¹ baha-i PDF ] by Elizabeth Strout ¹ Iconic Olive Struggles To Understand Not Only Herself And Her Own Life But The Lives Of Those Around Her In The Town Of Crosby, Maine Whether With A Teenager Coming To Terms With The Loss Of Her Father, A Young Woman About To Give Birth During A Hilariously Inopportune Moment, A Nurse Who Confesses A Secret High School Crush, Or A Lawyer Who Struggles With An Inheritance She Does Not Want To Accept, The Unforgettable Olive Will Continue To Startle Us, To Move Us, And To Inspire Moments Of Transcendent Grace

Olive, Olive, Olivewhat can I say, she is quite the character as are most of the characters in this book I think it is essential to read the first book in this series Olive Kitteridge to fully appreciate this book As with the first book, this book is told through not only Olive s story but various people who live in Crosby, Maine and have some form of interaction with Olive.
Olive is perceived by those in her community as being odd She s a tough old broad who speaks her mind, can often be blunt and brutally honest But she also has a heart of gold and as she reaches her seventies and eighties becomesself aware and must come to terms with the harsh realities that come with aging It s lonely, it s devastating, frustrating and something she faces in her own very Olive way Plu Olive thinks everything is crap or does she Elizabeth Strout is back and so is the memorable curmudgeon Olive Kitteridge Somewhat older now and heavier, but she s still formidable with her forthright personality and smart mouth tell it like it is comments that seem to explode out of her.
Everyone in Crosby, Maine whether visitor or resident seem to have a truckload of major problems in their life, and they all seem to know or are connected to Olive in one way or another.
The format of this novel is similar to book one as we are introduced to a variety of characters, both old and new.
and their outlandish, often complex stories.
Olive is still a hoot, honest to a fault, but a person with a good heart and worries of her own as she admits to and laments a multitude of mistakes in her life.
Olive, Again will break your heart and make you ï Olive, Again ✓ Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.
Olive Kitteridge is a difficult woman, formidable and even harsh at times One who says what she thinks and lets the chips fall where they may It would be fair to say she is not universally liked, referred to by some as that old bag The indignities of aging are front and center In her 80 s now, Olive reflects on the effect of bad memories that follow you through life, profound loneliness, becoming invisible These interwoven stories carry with them an intimacy, a kind of melancholy beauty tinged with regret.
An older and wiser, Olive Yes, somewhat but she is still outspoken, firm in her likes and dislikes, buttactful and empathetic Looking back she admits to mistakes she has made Linked episodes, that is the description i would use describing this book The people of Crosby, Maine, like all towns, are going through their individual crises and Olive flute in and out through their lives, sometimes with just a glancing blow Some episodes are all Olive, catching us up on her life since her last staring role, in the last book.
Strout, takes the many incidents and foibles, the ordinary things that make up a day,and makes them interesting As a reader one can relate to some of these occurrences, realizing these are the things that make up our lives Childbearing, marriage, loneliness, friendship, heal Crotchety, stubborn, judgmental and ultimately empathetic to others Olive, I have missed you Just like Olive, herself, these interlinked stories are surprising, unsettling, humorous, and very human The struggles with loss, loneliness, remorse, and sorrow are matters which none of us may escape Welcome back, Olive.

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