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Splendor, The Stunning Sequel To Sacred, Is A Story About Changing Friendships, Family, Romance, Passion, The Study Of Kabbalah, And Self Discovery Sometimes The Answers We Seek Aren T Ours To FindScarlett Loves Her Boyfriend, The Dashing, Mysterious Will Cohen But Now He S Gone East For College, And Scarlett Is Stuck Home On Catalina Island Senior Year Should Be A Breeze, But Between Dealing With Her Parents Separation And Her Wild Best Friend, Lily, Things [Elana K.
Arnold] Á Splendor (Sacred, #2) [holiday PDF] read Online Í Are Off To A Rocky Start And Then There S Gunner Dangerous, Dark, Ferociously Attractive Gunner Lily S Potential Boyfriend, Gunner Scarlett Distracts Herself By Spending Time With Her Horse And Delving Into Ecstatic Mysticism, A Way To Practice Kabbalah Through This Practice, She Hopes To Learn To Control Her Emotions, And Begin To Make Sense Of Her Place In The World But Scarlett S World Is Increasingly Unrecognizable Are Lily And Scarlett Becoming Too Different To Stay Friends Is Will Still The Love Of Scarlett S Life, Even Though She Has Feelings For Gunner Does Being In Love Mean Only Being Attracted To One Person The Scarlett Questions, The Fewer Answers There Seem To BePraise For Splendor As In Arnold S Earlier Sacred, Teens Will Gravitate Toward Scarlett And Her Problems Arnold Has Painted A Very Realistic Picture Of Teenage Girls And Their Conflicting Emotions Fans Of The First Novel Will Appreciate Continuing Scarlett S Story And Finding Some Closure With This Sequel Readers Unfamiliar With Sacred Will Still Be Able To Enjoy Splendor VOYA Praise For Sacred Will Appeal To Many Teens, Especially Fans Of The Twilight Series Booklist Filled With Tension And Angst Readers Will Be Looking For The Next Installment School Library Journal A Poignant Novel Of Loss And Grief, But Also Of Hope VOYA From The Hardcover Edition Splendor by Elana K Arnold is a fantastic YA book with a very interesting story that had my attention from the very beginning Scarlett Wenderoth is a beautiful young girl whose life has been turned upside down when her older brother, Ronny passed away It was a very emotional rollercoaster ride for Scarlett and her family and things were never the same since Scarlett still lives with her father on Catalina Island in a Bed Breakfast that they own, while her mother lives on the main land Will Scarlett be able to forgive her mother for leaving them Is there a chance of Scarlett and her mother reconciling their mother and daughter relationship This is the beginning of Scarlett s life journey She will be a senior in high school when school starts and her boyfriend, Will Cohen, will be leaving to go to College on the I read Sacred, the book that comes before Splendor, way back in January and I thought it was just an okay read So when Splendor showed up in my mailbox, I went back and forth on wether I wanted to read it I finally decided to give it a try and I m pleased to say the sequel was much, much better With her boyfriend Will off to college all the way across the country, Scarlett is stuck at home dealing with evenproblems than before After having to recover from losing her brother the year before, Scarlett has to now deal with her parents separation and her best friend Lily s wild out lashes Not to mention the mysterious, and British, Gunner shows up and Scarlett feels things for him she shouldn t be feeling with Will in the picture Scarlett tries to find solace with her horse and studying ecstatic mysticism to learnabout her emotions and Will s supernatural situatio 4.
5 Stars Splendor is a beautifully written young adult novel full of hope, faith and love It continues to follow lead character Scarlett Wenderoth as she deals with life s obstacles and struggles Her boyfriend, Will, has headed east for college she started her senior year of high school her parents have separated and her best friend Lily is being wild as always On top of all that, there s Gunner the handsome and dangerous guy that might become Lily s boyfriend Gunner has Scarlett questioning her love for Will and what exactly it means to be in love with someone To clear her head and think things over, Scarlett turns again to her horse and also to Kabbalah a form of mysticism to help clear her mind and harness her emotions But theanswers Scarlett attempts to find, onlyquestions seem to appear in their place.
This was a enchanting young adult novel that revolves a Review will be posted here after it posts at its place of origin.
Splendor is a very sad but beautiful story about a girl name Scarlett Scarlett s boyfriend Will is leaving for Yale and all she has is her best friend Lily and her father After her brothers death a year before, Scarlett had come face to face with a boy named Will who revealed to her that he can sense when someone is is danger and he is compelled to help them, and if he doesn t he gets excruciating headaches When Gunner Montgomery Valentine, a foreign exchange student from England shows up, Scarlett is attracted to him even though Will is her boyfriend Lily and Scarlett becomedistant from each other and in the end of this story, Scarlett facesdeath and loss then ever before.
↠´ Splendor (Sacred, #2) ↠´ Tragic but beautifully written.
This book was partly a religious book and partly a teen drama, just like the previous book And the plot wasn t much different from that of the previous book.
The main character had a boyfriend, but there was some distance between them emotional one in the first book physical one in this book Then, a new guy came to the island, and her school She was attracted to him he took an interest in her.
Except that in this book, the main character s best friend was involved in the romance drama, and that the focus wason the main character s relationship with her boyfriend instead of that with the new love interest.
Meanwhile, the main character s family was rather dysfunctional Her mother abandoned her family Her father was distracted, I love Elana K Arnold s books Her writing is understated, beautiful, and vivid Burning is my favorite, but I also really liked Sacred, the first book in this duology, along with Splendor When I first finished Sacred I was surprised to see there was going to be a sequel I felt like the story left off in a good place and it wasn t necessary to keep going, but since I love Elana s writing and I enjoyed the story I was happy for the opportunity to read .
Even after I started reading I remained skeptical There s a lot going on in this book There s Will going away to college, Scarlett s parents splitting up, Scarlett s friend Lily going through a rebellion, Scarlett s Kabbalah practice, the mysterious new guy who moves to Catalina island, and the pregnancy of Scarlett s mare For a while I thought I was going to have to write a review, of one of my favorite author s books, a I m not entirely sure why the first book needed a sequel, other than to satisfy a need for a happy ending on behalf of the author or the fans of the first book Scarlett goes from a character who is unlikable to someone you wish you didn t know She s inexplicablymoneyed in this book, after the first mentions her barely having 20 bucks to stick in her pocket to being a UC Davis student who will have absolutely no problem financing the bordering of her 2 horses The college community around UCD is famously known for having a 1 3% vacancy rate, which in turn raises the overall cost of living for the area I know people from there who struggle to live on decent wages, let alone someone who would be a student and need to pay about 2K PER MONTH to board a couple of horses There were so

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