Trailer ¹ Something That May Shock and Discredit You PDF by Ê Daniel Mallory Ortberg

I received an eARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
This one s a 3.
5 for meI know, I know I m rating a lot of books 3.
5 stars lately The book feels very on brand for Danny Lavery chock full of humor and absurdism on topics he writes about in a way that makes me feel like I m not smart enough to keep up with him My favorite sections of this sort of memoir are the poignant chapters about his transition and how it affected him Plus, I learned that he ate at the very Boston Market my family and I used to go to all the time huge fangirl moment The eARC contains content about his family, which he said he cut out after his estrangement I d be interested to know what the book is like in its finished form.
Quick Take Something That May Shock and Discredit You STMSDY is a memoir told in a mashup of genres and pop cultural references Ortberg s writing is effortlessly honest, while tender in its approach to its subject matter However, the length of STMSDY was far too long resulting in certain ideas and motif being continually re cycled via a different lens Illuminating, but a bit too long.
The Writer Of Slate S Dear Prudence Column Comes A Witty And Clever Collection Of Essays And Cultural Observations Spanning Pop Culture From The Endearingly Popular To The Staggeringly ObscureSometimes You Just Have To Yell New York Times Bestselling Author Of Texts From Jane Eyre Daniel M Lavery Publishing As Daniel Mallory Ortberg Has Mastered The Art Of Poetic Yelling, A Genre Surely Familiar To Fans Of His Cult Favorite Website The ToastIn This Irreverent Essay Collection, Ortberg Expands On This Trailer ¹ Something That May Shock and Discredit You PDF by Ê Daniel Mallory Ortberg Concept With In Depth And Hilarious Studies Of All Things Pop Culture, From The High To Low Brow From A Thoughtful Analysis On The Beauty Of William Shatner To A Sinister Reimagining Of HGTV S House Hunters, Something That May Shock and Discredit You Is A Laugh Out Loud Funny And Whip Smart Collection For Those Who Don T Take Anything Including Themselves Much Too Seriously I started reading this at 10pm and stayed up reading far into the night Daniel Ortberg s writing has a way of seeming flippant and nonchalant while at the same time being absolutely emotionally and spiritually devastating His last book, The Merry Spinster, applied this to fairy tales and short pieces of fiction to provide insight and expose painful cultural truths, but when he uses this skill to share pieces of his own life and recent transition, it is utterly and masterfully done beyond any words I have in my brain He made me cry a lot, is what I m trying to say.
¿ Something That May Shock and Discredit You ê I received this in a Goodreads giveaway from the publisher I loved this book It was funny and poignant I did think this was going to be a traditional memoir and was hesitant, but instead it was a series of chapters and interludes that accurately reflect Daniel Ortberg s ongoing internet presence If you ve read and enjoyed anything Daniel Ortberg has written before, you ll definitely want to read this There are a few chapters interludes that appeared in his newsletter, but most are new Humor is interlaced with very serious essays about his transition An interlude that is about how his failure to parallel park in front of a man was what triggered his transition immediately precedes a very serious chapter on him realizing that he was trans and how that played out with his childhood memories of being a girl There s still humor within that chapter, It is hard to guess what Danny Lavery will do next on a book, essay, sentence, or cellular level and that s kind of his whole thing I didn t predict that this would be one third memoir, one third jokes, and one third sophisticated and subtle biblical exegesis, but I am deeply grateful for the result By peculiar hairpin turns, the book is revelatory, stingingly argued, witty, and kind I m editing this in early 2020 to note that I reread the book after the final round of edits between the advance copy and the release These edits cleared away some material about the author s family which I liked at the time, but which are not missed, and in retrospect were sentiment doing what sentiment does The result is an eve At times cerebral and cynical, while at other times droll and laggy, Daniel Lavery s new queer AF collection of essays, Something That May Shock and Discredit You, is a thoughtful installation in trans literature.
Daniel came to the realization of his gender identity later in life at age 30 he decided to begin his transition, though what that means and what it entails , is exactly what his stories help him, and hopefully his reader, come to understand better Each essay interweaves pop culture, classic literature, and scripture yes, the Christian kind into a deeply conscientious engagement with being trans, transitioning, and transforming In what is often breathtaking prose, Lavery uses the Bible to talk about his transition and to also integrate his childhood growing up in a Midwestern, evangelical home How can I write an unbiased review of Danny s book I ve been reading his work for seven years, from The Hairpin to the Toast to Dear Prudence I ll do my best to try.
This is a collection of essays and interludes on subjects ranging from The Golden Girls last episode to Dante s Inferno, from sobriety to the choice to start T, from wrasslin with God to Destry Rides Again, from what masculinity means to why we narrate our lives to our dogs Danny s humor is that of someone raised in evangelical christianity as well as contemporary pop culture, with a knowledge of Greek myths that continues to amaze me It s not a straightforward this is why I transitioned memoir, it s beyond that it s an exploration of what it means to exist in this moment in this body and in this culture Because it can get pretty intense to read such densely referred text,

If you are new to Lavery s writing you will find this book either very confusing or immediately and absolutely your shit I don t know if there s much inbetween If you were a reader of The Toast RIP you probably know to expect a whole lot of very specific revamps of old and new stories and pieces of pop culture The book s interludes have lots of the Bible, but beyond that go from Pilgrim s Progress to Mean Girls to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to Anne of Green Gables But what makes this set of memoir adjacent essays particularly special is the way Lavery sees all of these stories he finds very familiar through a fresh set of eyes as he considers transition and then eventually transitions We find ourselves looking at the recurring the The thing that probably fascinates me most about this book as a book is trying to categorize it s genre I think I would land on a theological exploration of gender told through personal essays and literary pastiche Which yeah, I haven t read anything quite in that genre before That said, the polyphonic quality completely worked for me I felt like I really learned something about the lived experience of someone different than myself thematically, this is an exploration of Daniel s transition , and the rootedness of his perspective in the evangelical culture he was raised in completely resonated with me This was also quite funny, which I appreciated CastleMakeOut The only thing that would have made this just AMAZING would have been a bit editing Some of the essays interstitials worked better than others, and while none were bad, I think the book could

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