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The World S Elation At The Arab Spring, Shockingly Little Has Changed Politically In The Middle East Even Frontliners Egypt And Tunisia Continue To Suffer Repression, Fixed Elections, And Bombings, While Syria Descends Into Civil War But In The Midst Of It All, A Quieter Revolution Has Begun To Emerge, One That Might Ultimately Do To Change The Face Of The Region Entrepreneurship As A Seasoned Angel Investor In Emerging Markets, Christopher Schroeder Was Curious But Skeptical About Ä read Startup Rising by Christopher M.
Schroeder ¹ The Future Of Investing In The Arab World Travelling To Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Istanbul, And Even Damascus, He Saw Thousands Of Talented, Successful, And Intrepid Entrepreneurs, All Willing To Face Cultural, Legal, And Societal Impediments Inherent To Their Worlds Equally Important, He Saw Major Private Equity Firms, Venture Capitalists, And Tech Companies Like Google, Intel, Cisco, Yahoo, And Living Social Making Significant Bets, Despite The Uncertainty In The Region Here, He Marries His Own Observations With The Predictions Of These Tech Giants To Offer A Surprising And Timely Look At The Second Stealth Revolution In The Middle East One That Promises To Reinvent It As A Center Of Innovation And Progress Good insights into the MENA ecosystem, now a few years out there are certainly a few trends that have already been realized and others that may taketime Chris manages to speak to and highlight the key people in the ecosystem and is one of the most knowledgeable people to look at entrepreneurship in the region so it s a great read if you re curious to learn .
If I have one hope for Startup Rising, it is that it will inspre people to rethink our conceptions about the Middle East and engage Christopher M Schroeder Startup Rising The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East by Christopher M Schroeder, is a non fiction business book of 256 pages that would not take much time to read due to it s simplicity and the way it is composed of stories of different people from different backgrounds with different experiences, keeping you continuously focused and inclined to readingandin the most effortless manner.
This book is a research on entrepreneurship in the middle east under the influence of the Arab Spring, how the geopolitical factors of that time may have effected the eco system, startups and entrepreneurs, and how the youth of the region are the main character in this entrepreneurship This was a great introduction to the startup scene in the Arab World Very interesting and helpful.
» Startup Rising » A great read for anyone interested in the world of tech startups in the Middle East The author writes about young Arab entrepreneurs in Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt who through their opportunity to change the fabric of society with technology, could run faster than the old guards of stability and power to disrupt markets.
A blend of Arab diaspora returning home to seek change, dissatisfied youth of the Arab Spring and the untapped potential of a 290 million population 50% under age 15 were ingredients for the creation of the most succesful tech companies in the region.
This book has many anecdotes from entrepreneurs about maneuvering the cultural, political and religious factors that affect your company in a never ending road for survival, where the next change in laws and even your own success can get you in trouble.
In the West, we take your right to carry out your ideas

Disclaimer I work in the IT scene in the Middle East since 2010, and I met Chris while he was writing the book.
At the time I met Chris, I wasn t sure what to make of him However, I really like the book It is well researched, and it tried to be real not based on over simplification or anecdotes Even the last chapter, title religion and entrepreneurship , I was very skeptical when I reached it, but was genuinely impressed by the seriousness and depth he discussed it.
Further, Business History in the Middle East is very poorly documented There s very little objective research or case studies let alone books written even about the big successes in the region This makes Chris s book all theinteresting and informative.
While I do not agree with everything he says who does with any book mainly on what is needed to grow entrepreneurship in the region , the book is a great re Christopher Schroeder has written a very good primer to understanding the startup scene within the Middle East The key to appreciating this book is realizing that the author is not trying to boil the proverbial ocean He limits the scope to a few key countries within the region and graciously acknowledges other works for coverage not included within Startup Rising, e.
, the Israeli technology scene Scope issues aside, Mr Schroeder does cover a number of areas that any investor or business contemplating entry into the region should note Too many to list within this review, I found some of the most thought provoking conclusions to be the pressing need for entrepreneurs to supply job opportunities as traditional industry falters the increase in online spending despite historical aversion to credit card usage the growing opportunities in mobile technology, solar energy and socia 308 150 3 5

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