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I really struggled with how to rate this book.
On the one hand, I ve read a ton of WW2 fiction and I loved how this presented a different perspective The story was engaging and suspenseful, and in some passages so realistic that I felt sick to my stomach.
On the other hand, I really struggled with the narrative voice Something about it just kept popping me out of the story I also felt like Lucien s changes of heart and growth were not well explained not so much growth as just a sudden unexplained change of mind And I will not spoil the ending, but I do not feel like it was well set up I didn t see it coming not because it was so cleverly built up or disguised, but because there was nothing there to lead me in that direction, which made the whole thing feel unrealistic The whole thing just suffered from a lack of emotion to me.
So read it, it is good It is just n While the method of illuding the Nazis mentioned in this book is one which doubtless would have been used, this particular story itself is fictional These events are not drawn from one particular case rather, the author says he got the idea from the story of Nicholas Owen, a Jesuit lay brother who devoted the greater part of his life to constructing hiding places to protect the lives of persecuted priests during the reign of Elizabeth 1.
In 1942 Paris, all Jewish people are being rounded up by the Nazis sadly for the Jews, most of the French are unsympathetic to their plight Lucien Bernard is one of those French people he doesn t hate Jewish people but he wont go out of his way for them either He s an out of work architect too busy scrambling for a living A prospective client, a very wealthy Auguste Mane Most Gentiles In Nazi Occupied Paris, Architect Lucien Bernard Has Little Empathy For The Jews So When A Wealthy Industrialist Offers Him A Large Sum Of Money To Devise Secret Hiding Places For Jews, Lucien Struggles With The Choice Of Risking His Life For A Cause He Doesn T Really Believe In Ultimately He Can T Resist The Challenge And Begins Designing Expertly Concealed Hiding Spaces Behind A Painting, Within A Column, Or Inside A Drainpipe Detecting Possibilities Invisible To The Average Eye But Download Epub Format ↠´ The Paris Architect PDF by Í Charles Belfoure When One Of His Clever Hiding Spaces Fails Horribly And The Immense Suffering Of Jews Becomes Incredibly Personal, He Can No Longer Deny RealityWritten By An Expert Whose Knowledge Imbues Every Page, This Story Becomes Gripping With Every Life The Architect Tries To Save How do I put this one into words for my review It was gooooooood A goooood novel Not high literature, but damn it all I enjoyed it a lot Exciting It starts with great historical details of life in Paris during WW2, then the excitement builds and builds and builds Parts are gruesome, but the ending left a big smile on my face Yeah, tons of fun.
But I have to tell you this the narration of the audiobok was t e r r i b l e.
by Mark Bramhall I mean his French and German dialects were laughable And you are not supposed to be laughing He cannot do women s voices either I mean bad OK, when he is just relating straight events, not dialogs, you can relax The thing is, the terrible narration did NOT affect my appreciation of the book I make Dreadful.
I felt almost immediately that this book wasn t for me I kept with it because it s so highly rated on Goodreads, and because I was listening to the audiobook at work, so I had time to kill I was sure that the book would get better as it went on I found the reverse to be true.
I m so disappointed and upset about this book that I doubt my ability to form a coherent review I have decided to do this in the form of bullet points, and hope I make sense I also apologize if I butcher the spelling of some names I listened to the audiobook, and did not see them in print Lucien is immediately made out to be an anti Semitic, heartless bastard The author sold this point to me a little too well in the first half of the book, which caused me to find his dramatic change of heart roughly half way through the book to be From the moment I saw the haunting cover of this novel, I knew I had to read it The small Jewish girl hiding in plain sight says so much about the work of gifted architect, Lucien Bernard, the flawed protagonist of Charles Belfoure s The Paris Architect.
Lucian is fairly despicable at the start of the novel He no longer loves his wife, he has a mistress, and he does not care about the Jews being plagued by the Nazis in occupied France He only cares about surviving by making as much money as possible, and growing his reputation as an architect.
His base need for a salary involves him as an architect working for enemies in the war On one hand, he creates ingenius hiding spaces in apartments for Jews on the other, he designs modern factories for Germans It is all the same to him, as long as he gets paid, until he makes a persona ✓ The Paris Architect ☆ We shape our buildings thereafter they shape usWinston ChurchillCharles Belfoure, a national bestselling author, has penned a heart touching as well as enlightening and nostalgic novel, The Paris Architect, that accounts the story of an architect based in Paris during the world war II when German have occupied the city and was ordering the Jews out of the city, when this normal regular, law abiding architect chances upon a golden opportunity to prove his worth by taking life threatening risks to be a hero Synopsis Like most gentiles in Nazi occupied Paris, architect Lucien Bernard has little empathy for the Jews So when a wealthy industrialist offers him a large sum of money to devise secret hiding pla

Can you trust the people you used to trust Can your life be normal That question was asked every single day of Lucien s life and every single day of any French citizen living in Paris during the Nazi occupation.
Life definitely was not the same as before You had to watch everything you said and did Lucien had to make a decision about doing something he knew was very dangerous Lucien was an architect and was asked to design hiding places for Jewish friends of Auguste Manet, a well known businessman in Paris Lucien feared for his life but couldn t pass up this offer Lucien agreed only because he had no money, and because he would be paid a large sum.
You will feel Lucien s fear as he is doing something he loves, but also considering whether it is worth the cost of his life if The only thing this book has going for it is a good premise Seriously, I love historical fiction, character development in trying times, and moral quandaries Also, architecture And plots set abroad I wasn t expecting anything high brow, just a good, plot driven escape But Let me count the ways that this book failed 1 The writing is atrocious No, really, it s clunky and the dialogue is about as stilted as you can get 2 Most of the characters lack the motivation for the actions they carry out People are treacherous or noble or somewhere in between without any prior reason given for their actions I know people sometimes do things out of the blue, but check this spoiler view spoiler a kid, who we previously only see as good hearted, studious, and shy, kills another character without any warning Sure, the character who gets ki O V rus BenignoLucien um arquiteto ambicioso que n o sente particular empatia pelo sofrimento alheio.
Assim, quando convidado a participar num empreendimento que poder salvar vidas humanas, apenas se sente motivado pelo lado material do projecto.
Por m, com o passar do tempo, a pr tica a que se entregou, ser parteira de sentimentos mais nobres.
Lucien modifica se e vai nos conquistando Dir se ia que a causa nobre a que se dedicou foi como um V rus Benigno que lhe infectou a Alma Espraiando horizontes, creio que inadvertidamente, o autor desta hist ria ter encontrado uma boa terapia de reabilita o social.
Pelo Trabalho, o Homem n o s transforma o Mundo, como a si mesmo O Arquitecto de Paris uma hist ria super original, que nos cativa logo de in cio um 4 , com toda a convic o

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