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This is the only book I ever read without page numbers hah The story felt kinda rushed, but a good story line I enjoyed reading this Thank you for a copy of this, and for signing the book Won from a Goodreads giveaway Paranormal RomanceKattlynn Matthews Knows Loss Years After Her Mother S Death In A Car Accident, New Information Comes To Light, But That Startling Revelation Is Only The Beginning Of A Series Of Events That Will Forever Change KattlynnJust Shy Of Her Th Birthday, A New Boy Comes Into Her Life, But He S Not Like Any Ordinary Boy Chase Is The Same Boy Who Has Appeared In Kattlynn S Dreams Since Her Mother Died ↠´ read Ö Kinetic (The Kinetic Trilogy #1) by C.
Zimmer º His Sudden Appearance Brings With It Information That Changes Everything Kattlynn Has Believed About Her Mother And The World Around HerKnowing What She Knows Now, Leaves Her Vulnerable To The Same Forces That Took Her Mother And Those Same Monsters Will Stop At Nothing To Destroy Her Chase And Kattlynn Will Have To Join Forces With New Allies In Order To Defeat Those Very Monsters, But Are They Strong Enough To Do That Or Will All Be Lost I won this in a giveaway I started reading this within minutes of it being delivered I get so involved that I do not want to stop reading Chase sounds like the perfect guardian This book is a keeper and will be read many times.
á Kinetic (The Kinetic Trilogy #1) á Kattlynn is your typical teenaged girl she loves her family, worries about her homework, hangs out with her friends, and checks out the cute guys She also just happens to be the daughter of the goddess Artemis and chosen by God to be the redeemer of fallen angels.
Which can tend to put a dent in homecoming plans.
Kinetic is Kattlynn s origin story She goes from normal girl with normal problems to hero girl with extraordinary problems She is a likable and admirable heroine, taking on all the challenges and hardships of her newfound responsibility with grace and tenacity The story is fast paced and engaging with a well constructed mythology, a steamy romance, some surprising twists and an ending that will leave you waiting with bated breath for the next book.
Fans of Twilight and the Mortal Instruments series will r Good read even for someone my age group Enjoyed the different take on good and evil Will continue to read the series.
Well yes i gave my own book a five starlol

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Kinetic was a very fast and enjoyable read It starts out with Kattlynn s 18th birthday being in a few days and she and her friends are just trying to figure out what they want to do to celebrate it One day a new boy, named Chase Karson, and his family have moved to her town and she knows him right away She has been having dreams for a while where she and a boy she believes to be Chase have been getting to know each other and seemed to have also kissed sometimes because she wakes up with flushed cheeks and swollen lips He tells her that he is her guardian and her perfect match He also tells her that her he is the boy from her dreams and the dreams have Won on GoodreadsThe author could not find afitting name the Kinetic Kat a high school girl longs to meet the man in her dreams he seems so real Then one school day in comes Chase a Guardian her dream men and they are drawn into a batter between Heaven and the gates of hell With new found friends she gains and loses much to stop the fallen angles

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