Instant transfer

INSTANT transfer

One of the biggest problems Bitcoin is facing right now is the time it takes to convert Bitcoins to fiat. We do it in a matter of seconds on your prepaid debit card attached to e-wallets like Paypal, Paxum, Payza.

No registration

No registration required

Conserving the Bitcoin spirit, we don’t ask you to register. No need to apply for an account, no need to send us your documents, no need to wait for validating identity.

No need for another card

No need to apply for another card

You already have a prepaid debit card. Why waste time and money to apply for another?

Meet our team

Dragoș Bîrsan / C.E.O.
Alexandru Negru / C.M.O.
Mihai Trandafir / C.T.O
Victor Cazacu / Advisor
Cristian Boțogan / Developer
Cristian Pălășanu / Developer